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News video games 30 June 2022, 13:39

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Diablo Immortal Too Predatory; Experts Withdraw Their Support

A website creating guides for Diablo Immortal stopped supporting the game. It happened because of the nature of the gameplay, which is focused on payments.

Diablo Immortal loses not only in the eyes of the players. The title, due to its addictive nature, predatory mechanics pay-to-win mechanics, or the need to spend tons of money to max out your character, also lost the support of the website Maxroll. Specialists who develop, among other things, guides for the game have announced that they will no longer be creating content on DI.

This has gone too far

Of course, this decision wasn't easy, as we read in the explanation, the team has spent over a thousand hours working with Blizzard to create a solid game.

The most serious of charges against DI is the monetization system, whose transactions cannot be called micro anymore. Maxroll also mentions the possibility of gambling addiction, which in the case of the techniques used in Diablo Immortal may befall less suggestion-resistant players.

The predatory Pay-To-Win system greatly exceeds what's considered the norm for mobile gaming. Gambling addictions are real and can completely destroy lives. Even if 99% of players have perfect impulse control, we still can't stomach what happens to the other 1%. This is completely against our values and we will not remain a part of this any longer.

It's not the same Diablo

Another of Marxoll's arguments is that Diablo Immortal which they tested, is not the same one that hit the mobile market in June. Their attention was also drawn to the unhealthy grind-based gameplay, which can be simplified by in-app purchases (RIP F2P players).

Maxroll also do not want to generate Diablo Immortal further profits by creating content for the game.. Instead of popularizing a dangerous game with their articles, they prefer to retreat into the shadows and stick to their principles and values. The team also sees no chance that Blizzard will modify the game enough (including reducing predatory monetization and giving non-paying players a real chance) for them to resume creating DI content.

In this topic it is worth mentioning that the website still hosts the guides it created, but they will not be updated with the news that appear in Immortal.

Over a thousand hours of work

For context, it is also worth mentioning Maxroll's involvement in the development process of Diablo Immortal. They have worked with Blizzard since the alpha version, providing the developer with solid feedback on the game. According to the team, the aforementioned alpha was the best version of DI, without microtransactions or a store.

The beta version in turn introduced the first elements of pay-to-win gameplay andit was the moment when Diablo Immortal began to lose in Maxroll's eyes. And at the moment of the game's release, as we read on the website, all the testers' worst fears came true.

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