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News video games 03 March 2024, 23:33

author: Jacob Blazewicz

DLC for Free. That’s How ESO’s Devs Start Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Its Release

The 10th anniversary of the release of The Elder Scrolls Online is approaching, but the game's developers aren't waiting until April and have already begun celebrating a decade of their MMORPG.

Source: ZeniMax Online / Bethesda Softworks / Microsoft.

The release of The Elder Scrolls Online will mark its 10th anniversary soon. On this occasion, ZeniMax and Bethesda Softworks have prepared a special gift for players: the chance to get the Orsinium DLC for free. Players can obtain it after logging into the game twice by the end of March.

In a similar way, fans of the online Tamriel will be able to receive other anniversary bonuses. Players can complete tasks and receive rewards in the form of items from The Elder Scrolls Online store (Crown Store) from March 4 to April 1. For now, we know that they include the Inkfur Ursak mount - a reward for completing the main Orsinium storyline - as well as outfits and a pet for other DLC achievements. You can find more information on the official game website.

That's not all, as Bethesda has more attractions planned to celebrate the upcoming tenth anniversary of TESO. The premiere anniversary is not until the beginning of April when the devs will seriously begin celebrating a decade of their MMORPG. Further gifts for The Elder Scrolls Online players will be revealed soon, although developers will probably make them available gradually.

It's worth mentioning that ESO Plus subscribers can receive a free collector's set of the Scions of Ithelia expansion, which will be released on March 11 on PC and on March 26 on Xbox and PlayStation consoles (via X).

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Jacob Blazewicz

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