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News guides 19 December 2023, 05:10

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Donkey in Medieval Dynasty - How to Use and Buy

Donkeys in Medieval Dynasty are an alternative to horses that may serve you better in some situations. Find out how to get and use them.

Source: Medieval Dynasty, developer: Render Cube

After the latest Co-Op update to Medieval Dynasty, many players are exploring and setting up a new life in Oxbow, the map recently added to the game. However, no matter if you’re starting out in Oxbow or in the Valley, donkeys may help you in transportation and carrying baggage. Where to find them, and how to use them? We explain below.

Donkey in Medieval Dynasty – Location

Each map in Medieval Dynasty has a specific spot to buy donkeys.

  1. In the Valley, you have to go to Tutki to find the animal trader. The village is located in the north-west of the map, between Rolnica and Branica.
  2. In Oxbow, you will find donkeys for sale in Skauki, located sout-west of Piastovia.

If you have problem finding either location, you can ask NPCs in any village where donkeys are sold, and they will give you directions.

Donkey in Medieval Dynasty – How to Use

Donkeys in Medieval Dynasty can be ridden by one person and transport goods. They can’t follow you or be a part of a caravan. The advantages of donkeys over horses are that they’re cheaper (because of that you can buy them earlier in the game) and can carry more luggage. They’re slower than horses, however.

In order to get a donkey, you will first need a donkey shelter in your settlement. Then, if you want to ride and transport items with your mount, you will need a saddle and saddle bags (with these items animals will carry more goods). You don’t need horseshoes to ride a donkey, but they make the animal consume stamina slower. The Skilled Rider perk has the same effect. Meanwhile, the Night Rider perk makes the donkey faster.

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