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News guides 15 December 2023, 02:00

Medieval Dynasty - How Marriage Works in Coop

If you would like to learn more on how marriage works in the light of recent coop update for Medieval Dynasty, we have some information that can clear this up for you.

Source: Medieval Dynasty, Developer: Render Cube

Warmly received survival set in Middle Ages, Medieval Dynasty, received an important update recently. Among other changes, it introduces cooperation for up to 4 players. Since there is a marriage option, many fans have connected the dots and started asking a valid question – how does the marriage work in coop mode? It opens some romantic possibilities that they would like to try out. If you are interested in who can be your spouse in this title, we can serve you as a marriage counselor and answer your burning question.

Coop mode marriage in Medieval Dynasty explained

As the title of the game suggests, you can’t form a Medieval Dynasty without a partner. In the Middle Ages, having children was a crucial part of life as they would help their parents with daily life duties. The game, however, can be more forgiving, as it pictures those times with sometimes symbolic meaning. That doesn’t mean that role playing is not important, quite the contrary.

Obviously, playing in cooperation with your SO, it is only natural that you would like your digital avatars to have a relationship as well. This unfortunately cannot happen in this title, as Medieval Dynasty does not allow for a marriage between players.

Building a family will be possible only between the player and an NPC of the opposite sex. Each of the co-op participants will be able to have their own partner, though again, the players can’t marry each other.

Nothing is lost though, as the developers are giving hints that this functionality is not out of the question in future patches down the line. There is an interesting wording in the FAQ section on Steam:

What is the general situation regarding marriage/family formation in the Co-Op? So what options are there? Can each player play a man and marry his own wife?

Everyone can marry their wife/husband of the opposite sex and at launch this option will only be available with an NPC.

“At launch” suggests that marriage between the players will be possible at some point in the future. In the road map on Steam, developers have shared their plans for the upcoming months. Even though it is not clearly stated when we can expect an extension that would include further enhancements to co-op mode, it is possible that it will be available in the second half of 2024.

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