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News guides 21 December 2023, 10:28

Medieval Dynasty - Oxbow Mine, Best Location to Start Your Village

With the recent update to Medieval Dynasty, a new Oxbow map has been added. Let's find out what's the best place to start your village and learn about mines in this area.

Source: Medieval Dynasty, Developer: Render Cube

History is a vast canvas for game developers. It does not require any touch up to make it interesting, as it shows the life of our ancestors in different parts of the world during various times. If you would like to see how life of medieval villager looked like, you might want to delve into Medieval Dynasty with your friends, because it received a co-op update not long ago. One of the first things you would have to do though, is to build a shelter and then start a new village for all your companions. At the same time, it is a good idea to settle near a mine, as it will boost your profits. Here you will learn about the best place to do so on a newly added map - Oxbow.

The best spot to set up your Village in Medieval Dynasty on Oxbow map

Medieval Dynasty puts a player in a dire world of Middle Ages. To start off, it will be necessary to find a spot for a new village to settle in. The new update for the game offers a new map, Oxbow, so let’s analyse what is the best place to build a colony.

The Oxbow’s starting location is in a town named Piastovia. Right outside of it, to the east, you will find a mine that will supply you with a stable income. The mine itself is guarded by 2 wolves, which shouldn’t pose too big of a challenge, though be prepared. This is also the best spot to start off with your settlement. As the mine’s reserves replenish every season, make sure to utilise them to grow your village.

Medieval Dynasty - Oxbow Mines

Medieval Dynasty - Oxbow Mine, Best Location to Start Your Village - picture #1

All mines in Medieval DynastyMedieval Dynasty, developer: Render Cube

There are also other mines on the map that you can venture to for additional resources. There are 6 in total:

  1. Already mentioned mine outside Piastovia.
  2. South of Piastovia. Travel down the road while keeping slightly to the east. After crossing a body of water, you will find the mine.
  3. North-east of Ostoya.
  4. Outside of Skauki. While it is theoretically a part of a village, mining there is safe and it is not perceived as a thievery.
  5. North of Skauki. You will get there after passing a lake.
  6. Straight north of Piastovia, near the shore.
  7. At the end of a canyon in the very north-east of the map. Directly up north from the mine no 3.

No matter where you decide to settle, make sure that your village has all the means to thrive and survive. Locating your village close to a mine is the easiest way to provide you with stable resource income.

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