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News guides 27 March 2024, 02:34

Dragon's Dogma 2 (DD2) - Missing or Invisible Floor, Texture Bug Explained

If you are afraid of falling under the floor in Dragon's Dogma 2 or if you can see missing textures, here you may find an explanation for this situation.

Source: Dragon's Dogma 2, Developer: Capcom

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a production that many fans have awaited for years, as it promised to deliver a lot of features that the creators intended for the first part. Unfortunately, when the game was released, it was immediately bashed by players for including microtransactions and, what’s equally concerning, a lot of technical issues. The developers are currently working to smooth out DD2 as optimisation is all over the place. One of the more disruptive bugs is a missing floor that effectively breaks immersion and doesn’t allow to fully enjoy the title. Let’s explore in more detail what is happening and if there is anything that can be done about it.

Missing floor textures in DD2 explained

Even though more and more user reviews on Steam are positive, Dragon’s Dogma 2 still is classified with Mixed reception, mostly due to poor technical state of the title. Among issues like FPS drops that frequently happen in more crowded areas, most probably due to NPC numbers, many players experience problems with textures, where they cannot see the floor or even are able to look through the entire world.

As the developers from Capcom are working on numerous bugs that their production is facing, fans, who don’t want to wait, are trying to find a solution on their own. Some of them believe that the missing textures are related to shaders, as they tend to compile at least once for modern games. Players have found a solution for that, yet bear in mind that it doesn't work for everyone and is directed towards people who use Nvidia GPU:

  1. First, verify game files on Steam.
  2. In Nvidia Control panel, look for global settings in “Manage 3D settings” menu, and change the configuration of Shader Cache Size to “unlimited”. Save the changes.
  3. After that, go to the directory where Dragon’s Dogma 2 is installed and delete (or rename in case you need to roll back the changes) “shader.cache2” file.
  4. With that done, launch the game and wait for it to compile the shaders again.

Next thing to try (again, Nvidia GPUs only), go to the folder where the game is installed, find “config.ini” file and change one of the values to be as follow: “AllowMeshShader=Disable”.

Some of the fans claim that running the DD2.exe file in compatibility mode with Windows 8 and changing the launch options to “-dx11” solves the issue. Be careful, as when certain people claim that it worked, they have also stated that due to this change their framerate suffered. This method has a chance of working for both Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

For players using team red graphics cards, there is a set of recommended graphics settings prepared by one of the steam users. Again, there is no universal solution for this issue so it may not work in your specific case.

Sadly, considering how many different problems there are, it is impossible to find a solution on our own to all of them. We have to brace ourselves with patience and wait for Capcom to release more patches in the near future.

Aleksander Kartasinski

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