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Dungeonborne Guide - Tips for Beginners

Are you a new player starting your adventure with Dungeonborne? In this guide you will find tips and tricks for beginners.

Source: Dungeonborne, developer: Mithril Interactive

Dungeonborne is a dungeon crawler game set in a dark fantasy theme. This title seems to be heavily inspired by Dark and Darker. Of course, as in any game with PvP elements, it is a good thing to know as much about the game, as you can. After all, one mistake can cost you your life. That's why we've included the best starting tips to help you become a better player in our guide!

Dungeonborne – Tips and tricks for beginners

  1. Unlock passive perks – these are related to the main statistics of your class. That’s why it is important to look for equipment with bonusses to them. Remember to focus first on stats which will grant you the perks you want to get.
  2. Fighter class selection – for those who are starting their adventure with Dungeonborne, we recommend choosing Fighter, because due to its high survivability, it allows for a lot of mistakes. You can read more about classes on a separate page of the guide.
  3. Put the highest importance on equipment – no matter how strong a class you choose is, without good equipment, you can lose even to someone with much lower level. All your stats from equipped weapons and armor count towards your character's overall potential, even if, for example, a secondary weapon is not currently in use!
  4. Pay attention to the icons on the map – thanks to them you will quickly know where to look for or avoid danger and in which room you may find a sizable prize. Axe icons signal a strong opponent, while other are often connected to valuable loot.
  5. It's worth to use the arena – as long as you are not yet familiar with the basic mechanics, we recommend using arena. This is a 3v3 mode, in which you start with free inventory, plus you can bring your own items and you don’t lose any of them when you die!
  6. Currency and item sharing – you must remember that both gold and items are shared across all your characters.
  7. Fall injuries are non-existent – many players are initially afraid to jump from great heights for fear of dying quickly. Fortunately, in Dungeonborne you can jump from any height without getting hurt.
  8. Use flasks – these are common consumable items that can significantly help you survive on the map. We recommend Incendiary Flask, which sets the area on fire and inflicts fire damage, and Thunderclap Flask, which inflicts electrical damage and slows down enemies.
  9. Make the game brighter – you can tweak settings of the game. Originally it is very dark. While it adds up to the atmosphere, it is not so good when you fight PvP duels. If you want to spot the enemy faster, it is recommended to brighten the game.

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