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News guides 10 May 2024, 03:43

author: Damian Gacek

How to Complete Shadow Over Ban Pa in Gray Zone Warfare (GZW)

In this guide we will tell you how to complete Shadow Over Ban Pa mission in Gray Zone Warfare. We have prepared a map for you.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, Developer: Madfinger Games

Gray Zone Warfare offers many quests to complete. They can be quite lucrative, as they are a good way to get some additional rewards. One of them is Shadow Over Ban Pa. It’s a beginning of quite mysterious story. You have to go to titular Ban Pa and investigate entries to the village. Rumor is that it has been taken over cultists.

Shadow Over Ban Pa in Gray Zone Warfare (GZW): Southern and Northers Entries

To complete the Shadow Over Ban Pa mission you have to go to Ban Pa, obviously. This fishing village is located on the eastern part of the island. It is near to the center of the map, on a bay.

Once there, you have to scout southern and northern entries. It is an easy task in theory. All you have to do, is to go in the vicinity of wooden arches. They are on the road. Their location is marked on the map presented above.

Of course, you have to watch for opponents – both AI and humans. However, if you are stealthy/quick enough, you may not have to fight anyone, though. As always in this type of games, be careful.

The game is full of quests, we have written before about a few of them like Helping Hand, Native Negotiations or Left Behind/Last Farewell. However, be sure to come back to our site, as we will surely post more Gray Zone Warfare missions. Meanwhile, you can check out how to gain some additional FPS thanks to our best settings or check if the game will be released on consoles.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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