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News video games 02 January 2023, 16:30

Dwarf Fortress Establishes Dominance on Steam; Players Support Devs

Dwarf Fortress, which recently hit Steam, is doing well, keeping the players interested. The developers decided to thank the fans and show off the finance stats.

Dwarf Fortress is a phenomenon. Developed and refined since 2002, this December the game launched on Steam in a refreshed, commercial version.

The game has been a great success, both in terms of popularity and finances, and the developers at Bay 12 Games still to this day can't get over the praise and compliments of their work. In a recent post on the studio's forum, the developers thanked the fans for their support, and shared some financial details about Dwarf Fortress.

Without the fans, they wouldn't have done it

In the post on the Bay 12 Games forum, one of the creators thanked the backers with the following words:

"Dwarf Fortress is a wild success it seems, but it is all an illusion without you. By the fact that you have started reading the second sentence of this report, you are more than likely invested in the success of this project. You could have contributed directly. You could merely have told a friend, or taught a younger sibling how to play. None of this could have happened without you.

Be confident in the fact that none of this was possible without the support of the people that helped us out from the beginning and those that helped us along these amazing 20 years, by far the best in my life."

However, the post did not end there. In addition to words of gratitude for the support, the developer decided to share with the forum the stats of donations from players who have generously supported the project over the years

Dwarf Fortress Establishes Dominance on Steam; Players Support Devs - picture #1

Source: The Bay 12 Games Forum

According to the data presented in the post, Dwarf Fortress has raised more than $1.2 million since 2007.

The sales results after the release of the Steam version are also great. Although full figures are not due until mid-February, the developers boasted that more than half a million copies of the game were sold in December alone.

Finally, further improvements to the game, various bug fixes, as well as an adventure mode that is "unlikely to appear this month" were announced.

At the time of writing Dwarf Fortress is being played by almost 8.5 thousand players. At the hottest moment, the dwarven strategy attracted more than 28 thousand people in front of their screens.

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Michal Ciezadlik

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