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The Last of Us 3 Will be Made if Naughty Dog Comes Up With Good Story

Michal Ciezadlik, 26 January 2023, 17:33

A recent interview with the director of The Last of Us games may have caught the attention of fans. It shows that the third part of the series may be made, but not forcefully.

Hogwarts Legacy Will Let You be an Evil Wizard

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 January 2023, 17:24

The release of Hogwarts Legacy is approaching. In connection with this, the developers have revealed another batch of information about the game. It turns out that we will be able to freely choose the path of evil and become a dark wizard.

Interview: Minecraft Legends Developers Promise Strategy Like No Other

Darius Matusiak, 26 January 2023, 17:24

We've had a „Minecraft Diablo,” now comes a Minecraft strategy, which oddly is also supposed to be an action game. We asked the developers about how the two genres can be combined. Will Minecraft Legends convince hardcore strategy fans?

Microsoft Will Return With Big Game Show

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 January 2023, 17:17

It looks like Microsoft wants to give us a really exciting year. After all, the Redmond-based giant has announced another standalone show and confirmed its presence in Los Angeles, where it will showcase games designed for Xbox consoles and PCs.

Starward Industries Extends Rights to Stanislaw Lem's IP; Release Date Confirmed

Marcin Przala, 26 January 2023, 17:12

Starward Industries has secured another year of exclusive rights to produce games from the universe created by the prominent Polish fantasy writer.

Dead Space Remake introduces many changes, here is their overview

Adrian Werner, 26 January 2023, 17:10

Dead Space Remake launches today. How does it differ from the 2008 original? We have prepared a list with all changes.

The Elder Scrolls Online Will Take Us to Unknown Regions of Morrowind

Jacob Blazewicz, 26 January 2023, 16:34

A journey to the unknown regions of Morrowind will be one of the attractions coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in 2023.

Is Titanfall 2 Worth Buying and Playing in 2023?

Adam Adamczyk, 26 January 2023, 16:28

Is it worth playing Titanfall 2 in 2023? Get an opinion on the campaign and multiplayer mode.

New Forza Motorsport Poorer Than FM7 on Launch and Most Likely Delayed

Christopher Mysiak, 26 January 2023, 16:23

Yesterday's Developer_Direct show didn't go the way fans of the Forza Motorsport series wanted. There was very little gameplay of FM8, instead of the expected release date we got a suggestion of a delay, and on top of that it turned out that the game will be quite poor in content at launch.

How to Get the Best Gear in Forspoken

Adam Adamczyk, 26 January 2023, 16:15

Wondering what is the best gear in Forspoken? Thanks to the following guide you will know the answer to this question.

The Day Before Significantly Delayed; Pulled From Steam [UPDATE]

Jakub Tarchala, 26 January 2023, 16:09

There has been a lot of talk about The Day Before lately. The game has been pulled from Steam, players have not received the promised gameplay video, and the release has been delayed. The developers cite a dispute over the rights to the game's title as the reason.

8 Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass in Late January/Early February

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 January 2023, 16:05

In the next few days, 8 games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass library. Among them are GoldenEye 007 and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Redfall System Requirements Revealed [Update: Denuvo]

Adrian Werner, 26 January 2023, 15:58

Thanks to Redfall's product card on Steam, we learned the game's system requirements.

How to Unlock the Secret Slugcat and a Bonus Surprise in Rain World

Damian Gacek, 26 January 2023, 15:56

In this article, we will not only tell you how to unlock the secret slugcat in Rain World, but we will also reveal another mystery.

Minecraft Legends Release Date and New Gameplay

Jacob Blazewicz, 26 January 2023, 15:34

Minecraft Legends has a release date. What's more the game's developers presented a short gameplay demonstration during Developer_Direct.

Atomic Heart Gone Gold

Jacob Blazewicz, 26 January 2023, 14:58

Atomic Heart's going gold means that the game will probably be released as planned. It's just a shame that the game's Steam card still doesn't confirm Denuvo implementation.

Hogwarts Legacy has Over 100 Side Missions Influencing Main Storyline

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 January 2023, 14:53

We're already on the last stretch before the release of Hogwarts Legacy, so we're learning more and more information about the game. According to recent reports, the game will offer us more than 100 side missions intertwined with the storyline. New gameplays have also appeared online.

Riot Games Hacked; Hackers Stole Code and Demand Ransom [UPDATE]

Agnes Adamus, 26 January 2023, 14:20

Riot Games was attacked by hackers. As a result, the source codes of games such as League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics were stolen.

Mass Effect 3 Gets Unoffical Patch 2022; Restores Cut Content

Agnes Adamus, 26 January 2023, 13:51

An updated version of The Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Patch mod has been released for Mass Effect 3, which, among other things, restores content removed from the final version of the game.

Redfall Looks Interesting in New Gameplay; Release Date

Hubert Sledziewski, 26 January 2023, 13:47

Redfall from Arkane Studios was one of the games presented at the Developer_Direct show organized by Microsoft and Bethesda. We saw new gameplay and learned the game's release date.

Is There Crossplay in Warlander; Bug Explained

Damian Gacek, 26 January 2023, 13:45

In this article, we will tell you about crossplay in the game Warlander. We will also talk about a bug related to it.

How to Start the Final Quest in Awakening Update for Astroneer

Damian Gacek, 26 January 2023, 12:40

A new update came to Astroneer yesterday. It introduces several new elements. At the same time, it completes the game's storyline. Learn how to start it.