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News Files and Mods 18 January 2023, 15:34

author: Adrian Werner

Dwarf Fortress Goes 3D; Now Also on Steam

DFHack, an exquisite mod for Dwarf Fortress that allows for, among other things, creation of 3D map visualizations, has reached a version compatible with the game's release on Steam.

Over the long years of development of the free version of Dwarf Fortress the game has received many useful mods. One of the most important is DFHack. Now this project has finally lived to see a release that works with the commercial version of the game sold on Steam.

DFHack enables you to edit the memory of Dwarf Fortress. One of the most popular features of the mod is the so-called Stonesense visualizer. It enables you to generate a 3D version of our map and view it freely. This feature is not as crucial as in the free version of the game, which works in ASCII, but the graphics of the commercial edition are very simple, so the ability to create a model of our world is a big attraction anyway.

Fans of DF like to brag about the dioramas generated in Stonesense, by the way, as it's the best way to show what they've done with the fortress.

  1. DFHack - download the mod
  2. DFHack Classic - free edition version

The visualizer is just one of the many options offered by DFHack. The project includes many other features, bug fixes, interface improvements, automation tools and a sizable set of cheats.

It is worth mentioning that DFHack is not the only popular mod for Dwarf Fortress, which recently lived to see a version designed for use with the game's Steam release. Such an edition was also given to the popular mod called Dwarf Therapist, which is an insanely useful project, greatly facilitating access to a variety of data on our fortress, as well as introducing semi-automatic systems for managing manpower and resources.

Recall that the commercial version of Dwarf Fortress debuted on December 6, this year. The game is available only on PC and can be purchased on Steam. The game turned out to be a huge commercial success. By the end of the year it had sold about 500 thousand copies, significantly surpassing the authors' forecasts.

  1. Dwarf Fortress on Steam
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