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News video games 24 March 2019, 00:20

author: Jakub Mirowski

EA DICE Publishes Battlefield 5 Roadmap

EA DICE plans to support Battlefield 5 with additional contents at least until this autumn. The studio has presented a roadmap for the game, including new maps, game modes, and challenges which will appear in subsequent updates.

The latest Battlefield may or may not have been as commercially successful as Electronic Arts had hoped, but that doesn't mean that the creators intend to give up the game just yet. On the contrary, EA DICE has published a long post, in which the team revealed the details of three consecutive update "chapters", ensuring that their latest project will be supported at least until autumn this year. The roadmap include new maps, modes and missions.

EA DICE Publishes Battlefield 5 Roadmap - picture #1
The long-awaited battle royale mode will debut in a few days, but EA DICE also has plans for the coming months.

One of the most anticipated novelties is the battle royale module, called Firestorm, which will debut on March 25, according to earlier announcements. This marks the start of the third chapter, which will last until June. In April we will receive two additional challenges on the Fjell 652 map, Hardcore mode and improved matchmaking in the (and so far heavily criticized) Combined Forces co-op module, which was released last month. Firestorm duo play will then be available for a limited time. In May, a new map called Mercury will debut, showing the battles for Crete, and June will see the launch of the multiplayer Outpost mode, where players will be tasked with fulfilling mission goals, which will enable acquiring of new recruits and gaining an advantage over the enemy. In the third chapter the players will also receive two variations on the already known modules: Grind, which is a faster and more aggressive version of Conquest, and Fortress, which is a modification of Breakthrough, whose main focus lies in a siege of heavily fortified defense points.

EA DICE Publishes Battlefield 5 Roadmap - picture #2

The fourth chapter, which will begin in June, will include another mode, this time focused on fighting in five-person teams in small, tight arenas, set in cities. We don't know the names or additional details so far, but EA has announced that it will share more details at EA Play before E3. As part of the next updates, we will also receive a map called Marita, also located in Greece. EA did not reveal any specifics on the subject of chapter five so far, teasing only "awakening of the giant", "a completely new theatre of war" and "invasion from land, air and sea".

Developers point out that their Battlefield V roadmap may change depending on the response of the community. They also announced that the evolution of the game does not have to end with the revealed updates. Remembering the marketing hell through which the title has passed from the official announcement to the launch, it must be admitted that EA DICE is doing a lot to change the general opinion about their latest production.

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