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News video games 07 April 2023, 11:30

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

EA Sports FC Logo and Presentation Announcement

Electronic Arts is slowly beginning to reveal cards on the subject of its successor to the FIFA series, EA Sports FC. The game's logo, emphasizing triangles, has been revealed, and a show has been announced.

This year Electronic Arts will not release a new game from the well-known FIFA series - that's because after the end of the contract with the International Federation of Football, the publisher changed the name of the series to EA Sports FC. EA is slowly beginning to reveal the secrets of this "new era" of virtual football.

The logo of EA Sports FC has been revealed, which, in its simplicity, is intended to serve one essential function - to emphasize the role of the triangle. Apparently, this is quite an important part of the marketing campaign for Electronic Arts, as the game's official website says that it is this geometric figure that has "revolutionized football since the birth of total football in the 1970s." You'll see the logo in question at the end of a short video shared on EA Sports' account on Twitter:

"Our new brand identity is inspired by the triangles that have been a part of EA Sports football for 30 years, from the isometric polygons that make up our game, to the triangles used in Ultimate Team, to the player pointer in every game," the excerpt from EA Sports FC's the description reads.

Recall that when revealing the first information about EA Sports FC, the developer stressed that it will not be just a logo change. Today it was also said that it is a symbol of "innovation".

Of a different opinion is the well-known informant Tom Henderson, who stated that from what he has already seen and heard, it seems that it will basically be just another FIFA, only that under a different name. We already know, by the way, officially that the game will not lack what we know from that series, that is, among other things, the licenses of the MLS, NWSL, Premier League, as well as the men's and women's UEFA leagues.

More about EA Sports FC will be revealed in July - that's when a full-fledged presentation of the game will take place. It's worth mentioning that the following year we are expecting FIFA 25, which will be direct competitor to EA's game (as recently stated by the president of the International Federation of Football, Gianni Infantino).

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