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News video games 13 May 2021, 20:06

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Enlisted Update Improves AI, Adds New Version of a Popular Map

Enlisted has received another update. The game will be enriched with a new version of one of the maps, as well as improvements in gameplay, interface and AI. It will also fix many bugs.

  • Enlisted has received update;
  • Changes will affect, among others, the AI, which is now supposed to be more realistic;
  • The developers have also introduced numerous gameplay and interface improvements.

Enlisted has just received update The developers shared a list of changes that will appear in the game with the new update. Among the listed elements we can distinguish changes in gameplay and bot AI as well as interface improvements. The developers have also fixed many bugs that were experienced during the game.

In terms of AI, the devs decided to make the reactions of our opponents more realistic. To achieve this, they had to, ironically, weaken the 'senses' of bots. Enemies will now be less effective in noticing people approaching them from the flank or from behind. This rule applies, of course, as long as the sneaking soldiers don't start firing. AI-controlled enemies will also now rely more heavily on sound detection, rather than just their eyesight.

There have also been changes to the maps on which online battles take place. The Vysokovo Village mission is again available as part of the Battle for Moscow campaign. The invasion of Normandy, in turn, has been enriched with a new version of the Le Bre mission, in which the Allies are the attacking side.

Many small changes have also appeared in the gameplay. Along with the update, the mechanics of throwing grenades were improved. It's also now impossible to aim while jumping and the players respawned in mobile assembly points were deprived of temporary immortality. The mechanics associated with these specific spawns have also undergone several other changes, which are listed in the full patch notes.

Apart from that, developers from Darkflow Software also took care of the game's interface. They improved the quality of some icons, added new animations and notifications. The devs have also fixed many of the bugs that plagued players so far.



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