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News video games 12 April 2016, 14:40

author: luckie

Escape from Tarkov skill system in detail

New details have emerged about Escape from Tarkov's skill system. Players will learn and develop in-game abilities as they use them, but forget them if neglected.

Battlestate Games has revealed more details about the repetition-based skill system in Escape from Tarkov. As everything else in this online shooter, it will be very realistic and intricate, but at the same time really intuitive. Basically, your character will be learning and developing new abilities while using them – as in The Elder Scrolls series. Interestingly, a skill once learnt can be forgotten if not used for a long time. However, such ‘rusty’ skills never drop lower than to a minimum level, and can be refreshed more quickly.

Escape from Tarkov skill system in detail - picture #1
Each skill develops as you use it.

The developers are planning to prepare about 150 attributes split between 5 categories: physical (e.g. endurance, stress resistence, metabolism), practical (covert movement, trap placement, weapon treatment), mental (perception, attention, memory), combat (preparing for action, recoil control, weapon switching), and a special set special, different for each of the three factions. Besides, high-level attributes will receive extra perks that further enhance the ability.

Escape from Tarkov was originally promised to lauch in 2016, but the beta tests, which were supposed to start in the first quarter of the year, are nowhere to be seen so far. Perhaps it’s better if we start to mentally prepare ourselves for a delay of the release.

Escape from Tarkov skill system in detail - picture #2
There will be about 150 attributes in total.
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