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News video games 22 November 2022, 13:51

author: Damian Gacek

Evil West - Coop and Multiplayer explained

If you're wondering whether you'll play coop mode with friends in Evil West, we'll answer that question here. In this article, we will discuss multiplayer.

Evil West had its premiere today. It is an action-adventure third person shooter. The game takes you on a journey through a Wild West overrun by vampires. Many players are interested in this title precisely because of the unusual setting and the combination of themes. However, there is one issue that is not entirely clear and that is generating some questions. In this article we will talk about co-op / multiplayer.

Coop and multiplayer

Evil West can be played by two people. You will be able to invite someone to play co-operatively. However, both players have to go through a tutorial beforehand (this should take no more than 30 minutes). Then the Host can invite the Guest and together they can play through the campaign.

What to bear in mind

When playing coop, remember that only the host's game will have their campaign progress saved. This means that if the guest wants to play later in singleplayer mode, he or she will have to play the game from the beginning. As a consolation, the achievements from co-op mode will be granted to both players, so you will not have to unlock them again.

In addition, the guest cannot transfer their character to the host's game. They will have to create a new one (based on the host's progress) or continue playing with their previous coop character. This may be a bit of an inconvenience for some.

The good news, however, is that the difficulty of the gameplay will adjust to 2 players, meaning that adding another person will not automatically make the game significantly easier. The game will be balanced in terms of difficulty.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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