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News video games 22 November 2022, 12:23

author: Agnes Adamus

Evil West Divides Reviewers

Reviews of Evil West have appeared on the Internet. They show that we are dealing with a good game, which features satisfying combat. However, it was not without problems.

Evil West, an action game maintained in the climate of the so-called "Wild West" (i.e. a western with fantasy elements) from the Polish studio Flying Wild Hog, launches today. In connection with this, first reviews of the title began to appear on the web. They show that we are dealing with a game that is simply good, but not much more.

Evil West - selected reviews

At this point the PC version of Evil West has an average rating of 73% on Metacritic. Here;s how selected reviews look like:

  1. - 6,5/10
  2. PC Invasion - 8/10
  3. DualShockers - 7.5/10
  4. XboxEra - 7.5/10
  5. IGN - 7/10
  6. PC Gamer - 6.8/10
  7. VG247 - 6/10

Most reviewers agree on the pros and cons. By far the strongest side of the game is the brilliantly realized combat. Hunting vampires gives a lot of satisfaction. A big plus is the wide range of weapons and abilities that can be used during skirmishes.

The Poles were also recognized for their great enemy designs. Unfortunately, however, their variety turned out to be too small and reviewers felt some weariness towards the end of the game.

The story layer, on the other hand, met with a mixed reception. Some reviewers appreciated the humor and the distinctive characters we encounter on our way. On the other hand, however, the whole story is relatively simple and boils down to a standard revenge story.

On the other hand, the technical layer of the game is considered the biggest drawback. The graphic design gives the impression of being outdated, and some more dynamic scenes, in which a lot of elements appear on the screen, cause frame rate drops.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Evil West

Evil West