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News video games 06 October 2021, 22:26

author: GRG

Farming Simulator 22 Devs Show Off New Ways to Work the Soil

The developers of Farming Simulator 22 have shared details on three previously unavailable soil mechanics. The game is also expected to feature more detailed ground textures.

The release of the latest installment of the popular farming simulator series is fast approaching, so the developers are revealing more and more details about its content and features. We recently wrote about the details related to the cross-play feature and an expanded character editor, offering licensed clothing, among other things.

Now it's time to get down to the farming novelties. Farming Simulator 22 will simulate the impact of soil quality on crop yields to a greater extent than previous installments. Three new ways of working the soil have been revealed: mulching, collecting stones and rolling, affecting the crop differently.

Farming Simulator 22 Devs Show Off New Ways to Work the Soil - picture #1
Mulching in action. Source:

The first innovation is mulching, a technique familiar to all gardeners, which involves spreading organic material such as grass or straw. With this treatment, the farmer will increase yields and manage the space between crops in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Farming Simulator 22 Devs Show Off New Ways to Work the Soil - picture #2
Machine collecting stones from a field. Source:

Another new mechanic is the collection of stones. It sounds trivial, but for a farmer it is of fundamental importance when operating agricultural machinery. Boulders of various sizes lying on the field can damage the equipment, so the player will be able to, depending on the size and number of lumps, collect them manually or use special tools connected to the tractor. In Farming Simulator 22 there will also be a completely new type of farming equipment - soil rollers, which enable the player to hide smaller boulders under the surface of the ground, among other things.

Farming Simulator 22 Devs Show Off New Ways to Work the Soil - picture #3
Spike roller. Source:

Various types of rollers are the third new feature in Farming Simulator 22. The third new feature in the series will enable the farmers to improve the quality of their soil even further. Plowing or cultivating removes stones from underneath the soil. Rolling, i.e. the hardening and leveling of loosened soil with a smooth roller, makes mechanical harvesting easier and aloows for better water absorption. The rollers with a ring roller will allow for breaking up clods, and those with a spike roller will fertilize the soil after plowing.

Additionally, new and more detailed ground textures, which are to better represent the different types and conditions of the soil in comparison to the previous installments of the series, will appear in the game.

Farming Simulator 22 will be released on November 22. The title is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S. It will also be available for Google Stadia users.

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

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