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News video games 26 July 2022, 12:58

author: Adrian Werner

Female Teams' Uphill Battle in FIFA

Analysis of achievements in FIFA 22 leaves no doubts. The option to manage female teams is not particularly popular with players.

Since FIFA 16 Electronic Arts has been steadily expanding the series in terms of women's soccer games. The latest installment, FIFA 22, introduced, among other things, the ability to create your own female players. However, a new analysis suggests that not many people are taking advantage of these options.

  1. According to TheGamer only 3.3% of those playing FIFA 22 on Xbox consoles have earned the Passion Achievement, which requires playing any match with a women's national team.
  2. On Steam, the percentage is 3.9%, and among PlayStation console users, the Trophy was earned by 4.2% players.
  3. On average, therefore, only 3.8% of those playing FIFA 22 have played a match with any women's national team.
  4. The website was unable to analyze data from Nintendo Switch, as achievements do not appear in this version of the game.

Looking at the data, it is important to remember that despite advances in this regard, women's soccer continues to be quite modestly represented in FIFA 22. For example, the game features no league teams, only national teams. This may affect the popularity of this option, but even taking this into account the fact that only 3.8% of players bothered to play even one match of this type shows that fans of the series are simply not interested in such content.

It is worth adding that FIFA 23 will promote women more strongly than before. The game will finally feature female clubs (from the British WSL and French Division 1 Feminine leagues). In addition, Sam Kerr (captain of Australia's women's national team) will appear on the cover of the Ultimate version of the game. So it will be interesting to see if all these novelties will make more players give female soccer a chance in the latest installment of the series.

Recall that FIFA 23 will debut on September 30 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as in Google Stadia and on Nintendo Switch. The version for the latter platform is to take the form of the so-called Legacy Edition, which will not differ too much from the previous installment.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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