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News video games 25 June 2023, 23:44

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Boss Fights in Final Fantasy XVI Make Players Fear for Their PS5s

Final Fantasy XVI may be one of the hottest titles this year. It is not only about the great quality of the gameplay, but also about the problem of PlayStation 5 consoles overheating.

It looks like the battle for the title of game of the year 2023 will be extremely fierce. A few dozen hours ago, the group of contenders vying for this honor was joined by Final Fantasy XVI. As befits a new installment of the legendary series, we are dealing with a large and beautiful game - it turns out that maybe too beautiful.

This is because comments from players started to appear on the web, whose PlayStation 5 console refused to work while playing the new "Final".. In each of these cases it was due to excessive overheating of Sony's device during intense clashes with bosses.

Boss Fights in Final Fantasy XVI Make Players Fear for Their PS5s - picture #1
Source: Twitter, @TheSphereHunter.

Another gamer also had a similar problem, but after opening the console, he found that there was no lingering dust. So he began to speculate that perhaps it was due to a manufacturing defect in a particular batch of devices - however, the situation only occurred while playing Final Fantasy XVI.

Boss Fights in Final Fantasy XVI Make Players Fear for Their PS5s - picture #2
Source: Twitter, @JustSlaythe.

There's a good chance that the culprit here is the game itself, which over-exerted the console, and future updates will correct the situation. Nevertheless, judgments should be withheld until more users test the title on their devices. Until then it is worth ensuring that the console is in a well-ventilated place and its interior is cleaned of dust.

Finally, let's recall that the game's producer Naoki Yoshida in an interview with PC Gamer confirmed that work is underway on Final Fantasy XVI version for PC. For its release, will have to wait a little longer (at least until next year).

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Final Fantasy XVI

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