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News guides 28 December 2023, 01:10

Fire in the Hole in Geometry Dash (GD) Explained

After the recent 2.2 update, GD's community brims with ideas. The new sensation is a Fire in the Hole sound effect. It appears mysterious without a context, but here you will learn all you need to know.

Source: Geometry Dash, Developer: RobTop Games

Even though never close to being dead, popularity of Geometry Dash recently spiked tremendously, due to release of patch marked 2.2. With the community getting back together and gaining new members, the game lives through its renaissance. As more people are engaged and interact with each other, many interesting fads appear, like for example Fire in the Hole. What is it and what it’s all about? Here we will uncover this mystery.

Fire in the Hole in GD

The Internet is a mysterious place, where seemingly usual objects, like photos or sounds in this case, can blow out to become a whole new craze. Such is the thing with Geometry Dash’s Fire in the Hole. It is basically a meme, an inside joke that the community loved so much that it spread like fire in the title’s circles.

It would never have happened without a new sound effect introduced in update 2.2 (which skyrocketed GD’s popularity). Simple shout, which one person used for silly giggles, was immediately picked up by others who loved the idea.

If you have looked through community created levels, you must have stumbled upon many, in which Fire in the Hole sound effect was overused. That’s the part of hype that keeps people together and inspires them to create new things.

Whether you like it or not, it is here to stay. Worry not, as it usually happens that one meme is pushed out by another. It is safe to say that the Fire in the Hole fad will fade some time in the future. I would not expect it to disappear completely though. It will be probably returning periodically, yet it’s popularity at some point will definitely diminish.

Aleksander Kartasinski

Aleksander Kartasinski

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