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News video games 20 October 2022, 15:27

author: Adam Adamczyk

First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills

In The First Descendant we have a variety of characters to choose from. Thanks to this guide you will learn something about them and their skills.

The First Descendant is an action-packed TPP game in which we compete with other players as one of many interesting characters. In this guide we will introduce all the characters and their skills.

Characters and skills


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #1

Lepic is one of the most popular characters. He focuses on dealing high damage, and his skills make him a very versatile option.


  1. Grenade - Cost 55, Cooldown 13 sec. This is nothing more than a grenade throw that deals relatively high area damage.
  2. Power Stream - Cost 40, Cooldown 20 sec. When activated, this skill deals 20% more damage. In addition, the use of Grenade and Arm Launcher skills additionally sets enemies on fire.
  3. Traction Grenade - Cost 54, Cooldown 25 sec. This grenade works within a radius of 9 meters, but instead of inflicting damage, it draws enemies towards it, preventing them from fighting for a short time.
  4. Arm Launcher - Cost 40, Cooldown 80 sec. Lepic turns his arm into a kind of rocket launcher, which replaces the current weapon and deals 115.06% more damage in a 5-meter field. In addition, the rocket fragments deal an additional 33.24% damage per second for a duration of 4 seconds to enemies,. Who are within 4 meters of them.
  5. Nine Lives - Cost 0, Cooldown 600 sec. This is a passive skill. After receiving critical damage, Lepic becomes invulnerable to damage for 5 seconds.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #2

Viessa can be called a mage. Her skills focus not only on dealing damage to enemies, but also on debuffing them.


  1. Ice Sphere - Cost 0, Cooldown 15 sec. Passive skill. Viessa creates an ice sphere that orbits around her when an opponent receives (is inflicted) Ice Shackle Stage 2.
  2. Ice Beam - Cost 33, Cooldown 12.5 sec. The character fires an ice projectile that deals 43% damage in a 3.5 meter radius and 36% explosion damage, imposing the Ice Shackle effect on opponents.
  3. Frost Fog - Cost 34, Cooldown 39 sec. Viessa creates an ice fog around herself, which increases the character's speed by 30% and her defense by 282. An opponent who enters the frozen ground will receive the Ice Shackle effect.
  4. Ice Wave - Cost 40, Cooldown 6 sec. The character attacks with an ice wave that has a range of 7.5 meters, dealing 60% damage and applying the Ice Shackle effect to opponents.
  5. Blizzard - Cost 70, Cooldown 20 sec. A powerful attack that deals 50% damage to opponents every two seconds, simultaneously inflicting the Ice Shackle effect on them.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #3

Ajax is a true tank with very high defense, making him a valuable acquisition in the group.


  1. Void Vault - Cost 0, Cooldown 0. This is a passive ability that enables the character to accumulate Void Energy up to 500% of the damage dealt by the enemy. Ajax then gains 10%/20%/30% damage increase for every 30%/60%/100% of Void Energy received.
  2. Reversed Door - Cost 36, Cooldown 32 sec. The character creates a shield that lasts for 25 seconds and increases defense by 100% and life points by 160%. When an opponent hits Ajax, he collects Void Energy.
  3. Void Walk - Cost 45, Cooldown 17 sec. Ajax jumps up and lands on the ground with momentum, dealing 30% damage to enemies within 8 meters and temporarily stunning them.
  4. Expulsion - Cost 54, Cooldown 20 sec. The character attacks enemies dealing 66% damage to them in a 5 meter field, further knocking them back.
  5. Hyper Cube - Cost 45, Cooldown 32 sec. This skill works the same way as Reversed Door, but in this case a shield surrounds the character on all sides.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #4

Gley is one of the most versatile and also dangerous characters. She can deal very high damage, and her skills are useful in any group.


  1. Death Sensor - Cost 0, Cooldown 0 sec. With this passive skill, after defeating an opponent, a Life Sphere falls out of them, which lasts for 7 seconds and heals 5% of the character's life and gives Power of Live status.
  2. Berserk - Cost 0, Cooldown 1 sec. Damage dealing with long-range weapons increases 0 15 penetration by 45%. However, the skill consumes Gley's 15 life points and slows her regeneration by 80%.
  3. Live Extraction - Cost 3, Cooldown 15 sec. This skill restores 20% life for each enemy within 8 meters. Gley then consumes 4 Power of Life.
  4. Requiem - Cost 0, Cooldown 62 sec. In normal mode, the aura regenerates life, and in berserk mode, it stops the consumption of ammunition.
  5. Nosferatu - Cost 0, Cooldown 1 sec. Turns Gley's weapon into a Nosferatu. In normal mode, the attack stuns enemies, and in berserk mode it deals 45% more damage. Nosferatu requires 5 Power of Life.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #5

Blair specializes in short-range combat, and his fire-based skills deal both damage to single opponents and entire groups.


  1. Flame Manipulation - Cost 0, Cooldown 0 sec. A passive skill that increases critical damage by 30% when an opponent has Burn status applied.
  2. Stove On - Cost 46, Cooldown 0.5 sec. Creates a fiery explosion that deals 35% damage to enemies within 2 meters. Also creates a Stove near the character that deals 13% damage per second for 20 sec.
  3. Stove Off - Cost 0, Cooldown 38 sec. Takes each Stove off the map, thereby regenerating 19 MP and increasing defense by 200% for 5 seconds.
  4. Flambe - Cost 63, Cooldown 47 sec. Emits a beam of fire that deals 24.25% damage for 3.5 seconds in a 3.5 meter field. At the same time, the skill imposes a Burn effect.
  5. Chef's Star - Cost 60, Cooldown 185 sec. Creates a fireball that explodes and creates 3 smaller spheres. The large sphere deals 205% damage, and each of the smaller ones deals 90% damage each. Opponents receive the Burn effect.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #6

Bunny is one of the favorite characters among players. Her main advantage is its very high movement speed, which makes her a really dangerous opponent.


  1. Dynamo - Cost 0, Cooldown 0 sec. A passive skill that charges Electricity by2% for every meter traveled.
  2. Electro Orb - Cost 90, Cooldown 5 sec. Summons an electro orb that attacks enemies within a 12 meter radius, dealing 26% damage and applying Electrocution effect.
  3. Runaway - Cost 11, Cooldown 2 sec. Activates Joyride Mode and enables the character to run 50% faster. Each meter covered recharges Electricity.
  4. Pulsar - Cost 475, Cooldown 22 sec. Bunny enters Pulsar Mode, which deals 51% damage for every 6.9 meters covered. Damage is dealt to conductors within a 9 meter radius.
  5. Circuit Breaker - Cost 0, Cooldown 50 sec. The character attacks with an electric beam, dealing 3% Physical Damage, 22% Electricity Damage. Damage increases with the time the skill is used.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #7

Sharen is an excellent character for dealing very high damage, but at the same time she has little defense, so it is better not to engage in a fight against multiple opponents.


  1. Assassinator - Cost 0, Cooldown 0 sec. A passive skill that increases damage by certain % when Sharen fights an opponent who does not attack her. After defeating the opponent, the character enters Ambush State.
  2. Active Camouflage - Cost 54, Cooldown 47 sec. The skill lasts up to 30 seconds and hides the character during this time. Active Camouflage disappears automatically when Sharen attacks an opponent.
  3. Cutoff Beam - Cost 36, Cooldown 7 sec. Strikes with an electric blade, dealing 97% damage to opponents in a 2.2m by 3m field, while imposing an Electrocution effect on them.
  4. Shock Nuts - Cost 36, Cooldown 18 sec. Launches a projectile that explodes and deals damage in an 8m radius, temporarily stunning enemies.
  5. Lights Out - Cost 26, Cooldown 93 sec. Attacks up to ten opponents, hurling knives at them. Up to two knives can hit one opponent, exploding in a 4-meter radius and dealing 99.6% damage.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #8

Jayber is an excellent support. He doesn't stand out in terms of damage, but has some useful support skills.


  1. Turret Sync - Cost 0, Cooldown 0 sec. A passive skill that increases the damage dealt by 20% when Assault Turret and Medical Turret are active.
  2. Multi-purpose Gun - Cost 63, Cooldown 25 sec. Changes the Jayber weapon to a Multi-purpose Gun. Shooting a normal turret with it activates Enhanced Mode in the turret for 10 seconds. Shooting such a turret once again will restore its HP by 25%.
  3. Assault Turret - Cost 36, Cooldown 38 sec. Summons a turret that lasts for 15 seconds and deals damage to nearby enemies.
  4. Medical Turret - Cost 72, Cooldown 54 sec. Summons a turret that restores up to 148% for 12 seconds. The effect works within a radius of 8 meters.
  5. Total Recall - Cost 54, Cooldown 124 sec. The skill takes all active turrets off the map and deals high damage to enemies near them.


First Descendant Characters Classes and Skills - picture #9

Freyna specializes in dealing poison damage, which significantly weakens enemies. When choosing her, it is advisable to keep at a certain distance from a group of opponents.


  1. Unauthorized Bullet - Cost 0, Cooldown 0 sec. A passive skill that increases damage by 17% when a character attacks a poisoned opponent.
  2. Venom Bapthism - Cost 36, Cooldown 9 sec. Launches a projectile that poisons opponents within a field of 3 meters.
  3. Defense Mechanism - Cost 63, Cooldown 34 sec. Creates Armorof Plague, which increases a character's defense by 30% for 10 sec.
  4. Decomposed Poison - Cost 72, Cooldown 20 sec. Creates a poison zone with a 4-meter radius that poisons all enemies who cross it.
  5. Dead Room - Cost 20, Cooldown 170 sec. Freyna turns her weapon into Dead Room, which deals 207.79% damage. The skill lasts for 10 seconds or until it runs out of bullets, of which there are 45.
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The First Descendant

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