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The First Descendant (TFD) - Colossus List, All Intercept Battles Normal and Hard

If you would like to know the colossi that you will fight in normal and hard void intercept battles in TFD, here you will find a complete list.

Source: The First Descendant, Developer: Nexon

In action games there has to be some kind of climax to avoid mundane ploughing through hordes of regular opponents. In many titles, especially incorporating RPG elements, such culmination is a boss battle – a strong foe that should be a test to what you have learned thus far. In looter shooters, like recently released The First Descendant, there is a roster of such powerful enemies that become gradually harder and harder. In TFD they can be fought continuously for items in Void Intercept Battles in normal and hard variants. Here you will learn the Colossus List that can be found in this production.

Colossus List in The First Descendant

Providing additional challenge, Colossi in The First Descendant play a role of raid bosses that can be farmed for loot. They also function like a lootboxes, since after defeating one of them you will be able to use Reconstructed Device to roll a piece of gear that you have under research. Getting back on track, though, below you will find a list of Intercept Void Battle bosses in TFD.

Normal Void Intercept Battles

  1. Grave Walker, lvl 10;
  2. Stunning Beauty, lvl 22;
  3. Executioner, lvl 34;
  4. Dead Bride, lvl 44;
  5. Devourer, lvl 54;
  6. Pyromaniac, lvl 66;
  7. Swamp Walker, lvl 82;
  8. Hanged Man, lvl 95.

Hard Void Intercept Battles

  1. Executioner, lvl 102;
  2. Dead Bride, lvl 106;
  3. Devourer, lvl 110;
  4. Pyromaniac, lvl 114;
  5. Swamp Walker, lvl 118;
  6. Obstructer, lvl 122;
  7. Frost Walker, lvl 126;
  8. Molten Fortress, lvl 130.

Bear in mind, however, that The First Descendant is a free-to-play title that most probably will be developed in the future. Due to that, the above list may become incomplete as new Colossi will be added. Good luck on your hunt, Descendant!

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