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News video games 15 November 2023, 02:55

author: Adrian Werner

First Sales Results of The Invincible; Long Way to Break Even

We learned how much revenue The Invincible generated, enabling us to estimate the game's sales to date.

Source: Starward Industries

Last week marked the release of The Invincible, a narrative FPP adventure based on the novel The Invincible by Polish sci-fi writer Stanislaw Lem. Already the day after the premiere it was known that the game was selling below expectations, but now we've received tangible data that makes it possible to estimate sales results.

  1. The studio responsible for the game, Starward Industries informed [in Polish], that within the first week, revenues from sales of digital editions of The Invincible amounted to PLN 3.2 million ($790,000) before deducting store margins. The price of the game is $29.99, so it can be estimated that sales of the game have amounted to about 25,000 copies so far.
  2. Of course, these estimates are not 100% accurate, and on top of that they do not take into account sales of boxed editions, but it still does not look good. Especially when you consider that the amount that digital distribution services collect (usually 30%) still needs to be deducted from these $790,000.
  3. The game's estimated budget, including marketing costs, was said to amount to around $4,200,000 (PLN 17 million), PLN 5 million of which was invested by 11 bit studios, the publisher of the game.
  4. Thus, The Invincible still has a long way to go before the project at least breaks even.

A more positive aspect is the reception of the game. While industry media reviews were good, but not sensational (on OpenCritic the game has an average rating of 72%), The Invincible has clearly appealed to gamers. On Steam, 90% of reviews are positive, which is categorized as a "very positive" reception.

The Invincible made its debut on November 6, this year. The game is available on PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

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The Invincible

The Invincible

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