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News video games 17 April 2024, 06:30

author: Martin Bukowski

Gamers Intensify Fight Over Games. They Want to Force Publishers to Keep Them in Playable Condition

A petition appeared on the UK government's platform regarding the abandonment of games by publishers. Gamers are demanding that they be left at least in a playable state.

Source: Ubisoft

The consequences of shutting down The Crew servers continue. This time, the issue of publishers completely giving up on video games has emerged on the platform for submitting petitions to the British government. Its full title is "Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state." In the description we read:

Require publishers to leave videogames (and related game assets / features) they have sold to customers in a reasonably working state when support ends, so that no further intervention whatsoever is necessary for the game to function, as a statutory consumer right.

Ubisoft has certainly caused a significant commotion through its decisions. First, thanks to YouTuber Ross Scott, the "Stop Killing Games" campaign was launched. After the game license was withdrawn, the decision was made to approach the European Commission for assistance. The government of the United Kingdom may therefore be the next major body involved in the matter.

Service games continue to dominate, so it's no wonder that more and more titles (even single-player ones) require a permanent Internet connection. Eventually, all of them will need to switch to offline mode, no matter how much money we invested in them or how much time we dedicated. However, there is a glimmer of hope that thanks to such moves, players will be able to achieve something.

As of writing this, the petition has 5,181 signatures, and that number is increasing every minute. Obtaining a government response requires 10,000 signatures, and with 100,000, the topic can be debated in the British Parliament.

Martin Bukowski

Martin Bukowski

Graduate of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Gdańsk University of Technology, who decided to dedicate his life to video games. In his childhood, he would get lost in the Gothic's Valley of Mines and "grind for gold" in League of Legends. Twenty years later, games still entertain him just as much. Today, he considers the Persona series and soulslike titles from From Software as his favorite games. He avoids consoles, and a special place in his heart is reserved for PC. In his spare time, he works as a translator, is creating his first game, or spends time watching movies and series (mainly animated ones).