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News video games 23 February 2024, 04:23

author: Adam Adamczyk

Gearbox's New Game to be Greatest Thing Studio Ever Created. It's Likely Borderlands 4

The latest installment of Borderlands may be announced soon. The head of Gearbox Software does not hide his excitement.

Source: Gearbox Software

The Borderlands brand made a comeback in the media spotlight, largely thanks to the trailer for the upcoming movie. Fans of trouble on the planet Pandora, a unique sense of humor, and amassing loads of firearms would definitely rather get a new game from this series. They will certainly be happy to learn that the head of Gearbox Software has talked about the studio's future games.

New installment of Borderlands may be just around the corner

In an interview with IGN, Randy Pitchford discussed the Borderlands movie, but at some point he turned to games. The CEO of Gearbox Software openly expressed his enthusiasm for the project currently in the development at the studio, and although he didn't explicitly state it, it's safe to assume that he was referring to the upcoming release of Borderlands.

Look, we haven't even announced anything of it. Clearly, we're working on something. And I know what we're working on, and holy shit... It's the greatest thing we've ever done. And I can't wait, but it's not time yet.

This statement isn't the only reason to think that Gearbox will soon share information about the new installment of the cult series. For some time now, the official Borderlands profile on X has published a post once a week presenting key moments from the history of the series. The final post will be published on March 12, exactly one week before the PAX East event, where Bordelands 3 was announced in 2019, if events from each installment, including spin-offs, are presented.

The latest part in the series is the spin-off Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which was released on March 25, 2022. Borderlands 3, the final main installment of the series, was launched on September 13, 2019. It's possible that we will soon receive information about the next installment, which would be in line with the current popularity of the film.

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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