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News guides 18 August 2023, 14:26

author: Adam Adamczyk

Genshin Impact - Who is Vacher; Trial Explained

In this guide you will learn who Vacher is in Genshin Impact. We have also described how to complete the related trial.

Source: Genshin Impact, developer: miHoYo

Genshin Impact is a very popular game, in which we explore a picturesque world, fight enemies, collect characters, level them up and learn about the intricate storyline. The title is supported all the time and regularly receives updates that introduce, among other things, new characters. In this guide, you will learn who Vacher is in Genshin Impact.

Marcel Trial in Genshin Impact

To learn Vacher's true identity, it is necessary to complete the Marcel Trial. Its most important part begins with the following dialogue:

  1. Question: Who is the true culprit behind the serial disappearances of young women case?
  2. Answer: Information Regarding Marcel.

This will launch a series of minor events, which present different threads of the investigation. However, it is important to correctly perform 3 of them:

  1. Two Gunshots
  2. The Scene of the Crime
  3. Reconstruction of Events

Two Gunshots

  1. Click on identify loopholes, then Testimony From Jacques Family.

The Scene of the Crime

  1. Select identify loopholes, then select Callas Case Records.

Reconstruction of Events

  1. Select identify loopholes, and then Primordial Seawater.

Rest of the trial

In the rest of the process you will move again to the Traveler form. You will have to defeat various opponents and get evidence against Marcel regarding Vacher's mysterious past. Follow the markers.

Eventually you will find yourself in a clearing with evidence. Interact with various clues, most importantly with:

  1. crates and trunks,
  2. desks,
  3. potions
  4. water

After searching the above places, a cutscene will appear. Check the chests again. This will give you access to the notebook and you will move to the courtroom. Now you can learn the ending of the story.

Who is Vacher in Genshin Impact (spoilers)

Please note, below you will find spoilers regarding the game's story.

Vacher is a mysterious character who can be found in Fontaine. At first, his true identity is unknown, and we can learn it only after completing the Archon Quest, which is available in chapter 4 of the game. After completing it, it will turn out that Vacher is hiding under the name Marcel.

His story is tragic. In the past, Vacher was a nice person, but he changed after the death of his beloved, Vigneire. She turned into water due to contact with Primordial Seawater. Maddened by despair, the man changed his name and began experiments on young women in order to bring his partner back to life. Unfortunately, as you might guess, his research led to many innocent casualties.

What Marcel did not know, however, was that his beloved had not completely died, and her consciousness remained in the water and became Oceanid. However, as time passed, Vacher's victims merged with Vigneire's mind, through which she learned what kind of man he had become and came to hate him.

In time, the man was unmasked by Traveler and Navia. After being given the chance to reunite with Vigneire (in the form of Oceanid), Marcel immediately seized the opportunity to do so. However, he was unaware that this would end his life, as the consciousness of his beloved did not appear at the meeting, but those of his victims.

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