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News Files and Mods 12 May 2024, 02:28

author: Adrian Werner

Armored Core 6 Now Features Co-op Mode Thanks to Talented Fan [Updated]

Did you miss the cooperative mode in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon? One fan decided to step up for FromSoftware studio and added the option himself with a mod.

Source: FromSoftware


A new version of the mod has been released, numbered 0.1.6. In addition to bug fixes, it introduces significant changes to the mechanics of enemy player invasions into our cooperative sessions. The author has changed this system to reduce the frequency of such events so that they are only a nice extra activity, not the main attraction. Furthermore, killing such an intruder is now rewarded with regeneration of some health and additional ammunition.

  1. Armored Core Coop Mod – download the mod

Previous version of the article (April 8th, 2024)

FromSoftware is not in the habit of providing modding tools for its games. However, the Japanese team has a mass of devoted fans who can't be deterred by such details, and every now and then they surprise us with impressive projects. The latest example of this is a mod adding a co-op mode to last year's Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

The lack of co-op in the game was disappointing, especially since this element worked so well in Elden Ring and the Dark Souls series. Now, thanks to a modification simply titled Armored Core Coop Mod, this is no longer an issue (at least on PC; console players have to do without). The project allows up to six players to play in co-op simultaneously. Most missions from the campaign are available with the exception of Ice Worm, Arena, and a test mission.

  1. Armored Core Coop Mod – download the mod

An additional bonus is that co-op sessions can become a target for other players and then our team is tasked with eliminating the invaders. However, this option can be turned off if you don't feel like doing any PvP.

The mod is at an early stage of development (the currently available version is numbered 0.1.4), but it is already fully playable. The project impresses not only in terms of gameplay but also the technical level. The author went to a lot of trouble to make sure that copies of the game of each participant of the game synchronize correctly. For this Armored Core Coop Mod has its own launcher in the form of a separate .exe file. Once launched, it bypasses the game's anti-cheaters system, which is key element, as this way you don't risk getting banned for using the mod online.

The only major drawback for now is that the game does not scale the level of enemies. The author is looking for a good solution to this problem, and for now, has only generally strengthened all enemies so that co-op gameplay is not too easy.

An exceptionally talented moder

The author of the Armored Core Coop Mod is LukeYui. He is one of the most talented modders when it comes to the technical aspects of modyfing FromSoftware games. He is helped in achieving such good results by the fact that this Japanese studio uses the same proprietary engine all the time, only making various improvements. Thanks to this, the solutions developed for a mod for one game can then be transferred to other games fairly easily.

LukeYu has previously developed such modifications as:

  1. Elden Ring: Seamless Co-op - a mod that allows you to play the entire Elden Ring campaign in co-op mode without any limits.
  2. Elden Ring: Enemy control - a mod that allows us to take direct control of any enemy.
  3. Blue Acolyte and Blue Sentinel - alternative, much more effective anti-cheater systems for the second and third installments of the Dark Souls series.
  4. Sekiro Online - the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was a rare case of a FromSoftware production lacking a multiplayer option. This mod changed that, adding both PvP skirmishes and cooperative play.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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