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News guides 25 August 2023, 14:51

author: Damian Gacek

Armored Core 6 - How to Defeat First Boss; PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter Fight

Learn how to defeat PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter in Armored Core 6. It’s the first boss in the game.

Source: Armored Core 6, developer: FromSoftware

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon is full of difficult opponents. Among them there are bosses. The first one is PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter. If you know how to defeat it, the fight is quite easy, and will take you up to 2 minutes. If you don’t know the trick, be prepared for a series of deaths. In this guide we will help you.

Armored Core 6 – PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter Fight Video

How to defeat PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter, the first boss in Armored Core 6

At the end of Illegal Entry mission, you will be attacked by PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter. It is the first boss in Armored Core 6. While it does not have a wide range of attacks, it shoots missiles, and they can be deadly. What is more, the opponent flies, which makes it difficult to hit.

How to defeat the first boss, Helicopter:

  1. First of all, watch out for missiles. When they explode, they deal a lot of damage. A good idea is to observe the helicopter whole the time, and when you see that it shoots, jump and stay in the air to impact.
  2. Try to stand as close to the first boss, as possible; more precisely – be below it. It will make the enemy less effective in combat.
  3. Shooting at PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter will not take you far, as it has a lot of health (AP). The good idea is to fly to the enemy and hit it with your sword. Your melee weapon is extremely effective against this opponent. Remember though, that you can hit twice before a short cooldown. So, attack, go back on the ground, to renew your flying ability, and charge again.
  4. The boss from time to time will fly to the edge of the map. It will make him invulnerable to your melee attacks as you will not be able to close the distance. Run away from it and lure it into the combat area again.

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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

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