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News guides 25 August 2023, 13:34

author: Damian Gacek

Armored Core 6 Guide - Tips for Beginners

In this Amored Core 6 guide we will tell you some tips for beginners but not only. You will find here various useful information.

Source: Armored Core 6, developer: FromSoftware

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon is a new game from FromSoftware. Based on the popularity of studio’s Souls games, many fans could have forgotten about their Armored Core franchise. This series turns away from fantasy and embraces futuristic scenery. As a mech pilot, you must complete more or less challenging missions, fight against bosses and survive. In this guide we will tell you some important and useful information.

Armored Core 6 Tips

  1. Save you repair kits – remember that you can heal only 3 times during the mission. What is more, it will not bring you to the full AP (HP), but rather half of it. During some missions you can find Supply Sherpas. They will renew your AP and ammo (but they are rare).
  2. Move a lot – it is connected to the previous point – when you move, there is a lower chance of you being hit. Ude accelerator, ii is your friend.
  3. Fly – while moving fast on the ground is useful, flying can be even more helpful. If your opponent shoots explosive rockets, you can run away from their blast thanks to jumping to the air.
  4. Check new parts – at some point, there will be new parts in the shop. Once you get the information about it, check them and buy the most useful for you.
  5. Kill additional targets – while each mission has main objectives, which are necessary to complete the quest, there are various optional opponents on the map. Destroy them for better rewards. Money is not the only bonus you can get. If you collect Combat Logs from more powerful enemies, you will be able to get new parts.
  6. Try to cut costs – of course, for every mission you will get some money; however, you will have to pay too. Each bullet and repair cost you and the bill is deducted from the prize.
Armored Core 6 Guide - Tips for Beginners - picture #1
Armored Core 6, developer:
  1. Use various weapons – there are different situations on the battlefield. While the main shooting gun (whichever you pick) is quite universal, auto tracking missiles hitting many opponents will allow you to quickly dispose of a threat, and a sword will make a lot of damage even to most powerful opponents.
  2. Remember that you shoot your guns separately – in the heat of the battle, you may forget that you have up to 4 weapons at your disposal, each of them can be triggered separately, it opens new strategic possibilities.
  3. Search the vicinity – in most cases your road to the end of the mission is quite clear and well marked. However, it is a good idea to leave the path from time to time. On various maps there are Part containers. They are well hidden but will reward you (as the name suggests) with parts.
  4. Experiment – you can install various parts on your mech. If the fight is too difficult for you, try a different setup. You can always sell parts for the full price.
  5. Dying is good – when you die and restart from the checkpoint you will get health and ammo back. It will help you in the case of more demanding fights.
  6. Stagger your enemies – when you attacks land in the close proximity one after the other, at some point you will be able to stop your opponents. Remember that some weapons have greater impact damage than others.

Armored Core 6 Guide

  1. Is there cockpit view in the game; FPP explained – on this page you will find information on FPP and cockpit view.
  2. What Coral is – Coral is the most precious resource in Armored Core 6 world. Learn more about it.
  3. Is Armored Core 6 difficult? – learn answer to this question in our article.
  4. Enemies list – as the name suggests, you will find here some information on enemy types in Armored Core 6.
  5. How to defeat first boss; PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter fight – if you have problems with the first boss, you should read this text.
  6. Decision Missions – During your game you will stumble upon missions with decision tag. Learn more about them.
  7. How to get parts – if you wonder how to make your mech more powerful, we are here for you.
  8. Can you save? – many players wonder about it.

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