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News Files and Mods 31 July 2022, 15:50

author: Adrian Werner

GTA Vice City Extended Features With Tons of New Content

Version 0.5 of Extended Features, the largest mod for GTA Vice City, which improves the game and introduces a ton of new elements to the Rockstar Games classic, has debuted.

Almost two decades have passed since the premiere of GTA Vice City, but many players still like to return to this game regularly. This is facilitated by a rich selection of mods that improve this old classic. A new version of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Extended Features, which is one of the most ambitious projects of its kind, has just been released.

  1. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Extended Features on ModDB

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Extended Features - basic info.

It is the largest modification to improve Vice City made by a fan to date. Its development took the author a decade. The project improves graphics, adds support for ultra widescreen resolutions, and fixes bugs, but its biggest advantage is changes in gameplay and expansion of the game's content with new elements.

Extended Features introduces, among other things, gang wars over territories, in the style of those from GTA: San Andreas, as well as a mass of mini-games (including poker and black jack). Modules responsible for the behavior of NPCs have also been heavily expanded.

Improvements have also affected the map - many closed structures can now be explored, and some of them have begun to serve as hideouts or assets that can be purchased. In addition, additional gangs have appeared in the game world. There were also new weapons, cars and a large set of fresh missions.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Extended Features - what's new in version 0.5

The new version of the mod is numbered 0.5 and brings many new features, the most interesting of which are:

  1. A side mission revolving around water scooters has been added.
  2. 4 police side missions have also been introduced.
  3. Tommy has gained the ability to call the police, ambulance, cab and fire department.
  4. Three new clothes (military uniform, suit with tie and leather jacket) were added.
  5. Two new bicycles (BMX and mountain bike) and one type of skateboard have been introduced.
  6. Newspapers have been implemented, which are updated after each mission (like in GTA 4), where we can read about our achievements, among other things.
  7. 15 new vehicles on the roads.
GTA Vice City Extended Features With Tons of New Content - picture #1
Version 0.5 of the mod introduces, among other things, additional police missions.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the mod is designed exclusively for GTA Vice City and does not work with the refreshed version of the game included in the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. Installation of the mod is simple. All you need to do is download it from ModDB and extract the archive to the game folder.

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