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News video games 07 December 2021, 12:34

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Halo Infinite Suffered From Similar Problems to Anthem

Halo Infinite turned out to be a great title, but it came close to failing like Anthem. All because of the behind-the-scenes chaos and constant changes at the director's seat.

  • Jason Schreier drew attention to the fact that Halo Infinite came close to being a failure similar to Anthem;
  • There have been multiple changes to the game's director and it wasn't clear until the end what the game was actually supposed to be;
  • The game also lacked modes, which until now seemed to be a mandatory part of every Halo.

We're just one day away from the release of Halo Infinite's campaign, and we had a chance to get acquainted with the game's online mode back in November. The web was filled with reviews, revealing that the game turned out to be another great installment of the iconic series. The players themselves also seem to be satisfied. On Steam, the game's online module can boast of 79% positive reviews. Few people remember, however, that the game was close to being a failure on a scale of Anthem.

We learned about the behind-the-scenes problems of BioWare's game after its release. Light on the matter was shed by Jason Schreier, who published an extensive article pointing out all the bad decisions made during development. It turned out that the creators did not have a clear vision of what Anthem was supposed to be, how the gameplay would look like, or even what the final title would sound like. It wasn't helped by an ill-considered choice of Frostbite engine, internal squabbles within the studio, and constant changes of directors.

Now, however, Jason Schreier mentioned his article in a completely different context. It turns out that his text has been repeatedly commented on by 343 Industries employees, who pointed out that the work on Halo: Infinite looked very similar. This in turn could have been very disturbing news for fans waiting for a new installment. After all, it turned out to be a great title. Were the employees' complaints exaggerated?

Halo Infinite Suffered From Similar Problems to Anthem - picture #1
Source: Twitter

Not really. The process of creating Halo Infinite was indeed quite problematic. Just like in the case of Anthem there were numerous changes in the director's position. The game also took flak when the first gameplay was published, which definitely did not meet the expectations of players. It's also hard not to notice that 343 Industries didn't quite know what the new Halo is supposed to be.

In fact, even now it's difficult to clearly define it. On the one hand, the title seems to be simply the sixth installment of the series, which continues the story from the previous part. The game offers a single player campaign and a network module, of course. On the other hand, it is not Halo 6 but Halo Infinite, which is advertised as a live-service game and a hub for further development of the brand.

It should also be noted that despite the positive reception, the problems of the developers have left their mark on the game. Six years of work and at the time of release the game will not offer a co-op mode and many classic online modes, whose implementation is constantly demanded by the players. So you can see that the behind-the-scenes problems of the developers still affect the new Halo.

However, it's hard not to agree with the quote used by Schreier - after coming out of this kind of developer hell, you can end up like Anthem or like God of War. Thankfully Halo Infinite followed in the footsteps of Kratos and proved to be another great installment of the iconic series. Over time, the game will receive more patches and updates that will eliminate recent problems, such as the lack of co-op and some modes.

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