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Epic Games Wanted To Delete Fortnite

Jakub Mirowski, 15 June 2019, 12:53

Rod Fergusson, former production manager at Epic Games, revealed that just before his departure in 2012, he was trying to delete Fortnite. He thought it looked unprofitable at these times.

Elden Ring Dev Comments on Collaboration with George R.R. Martin

Serek, 13 June 2019, 15:19

Hidetaka Miyazaki shared a short story of how the cooperation with George R.R.Martin was established for the development of Elden Ring. We also learned that the title will offer an „even more open” world than e.g. Dark Souls, and we will cross it on horseback.

Keanu Reeves is the Second Most Important Character in Cyberpunk 2077

Entelarmer, 12 June 2019, 23:36

Marcin Iwinski from CD Projekt RED referred to Keanu Reeves' presence in Cyberpunk 2077. According to the creator, the actor is the second most important character in terms of the number of dialogue lines in the game and will play an important role in the story. In addition, we learned that Reeves' performance at E3 2019 was as much a surprise to us as it was to him.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Devs Tempt With Pre-Order in Secret Message

Vergil, 10 June 2019, 11:20

The CD Projekt Red team is known for publishing hidden messages aimed at the players. In the latest one, connected with Cyberpunk 2077, the developers explain the lack of a public demo and the number of game editions and encourage pre-orders.

Script of Netflix's Witcher was Rewritten 9 Times

Entelarmer, 22 May 2019, 22:18

Vladimir Furdik spoke about the production of The Witcher from Netflix. The Slovak stuntman revealed that the scenario was rewritten nine times during the shooting.

Cyberpunk 2077 With Less Crunch Than The Witcher 3

Adrian Werner, 18 May 2019, 23:50

The heads of the CD Projekt RED studio declared that in terms of crunch, the final stage of production of Cyberpunk 2077 is to be much more developer-friendly than it was the case with Witcher 3. Overtime is to be voluntary.

Forbes Criticizes Star Citizen's Developers

Entelarmer, 04 May 2019, 15:13

Forbes magazine has published an article about development of Star Citizen. The feature shows that the production of the game is not going well, and Cloud Imperium Games may run out of money soon. The reason for this is the "incompetence and poor management" of the project by Chris Roberts, who is wasting his time and resources in his studio.

Days Gone Featured Moral Choices, But They Were Cut

Aquma, 30 April 2019, 14:28

During its development, developers from Bend Studio decided to cut some mechanics from Days Gone - the recent open-world action game for PS4. In the original version of this title, there was a possibility of making moral choices. The creators decided that the game would be better without this solution.

Mortal Kombat Devs on Crunch: "100 Hour Week was Common"

Serek, 28 April 2019, 23:51

Twitter has been on fire since former NetherRealm employees published some Tweet, claiming that development of Mortal Kombat or Injustice required them to work even 100 hours a week. Crunch was not the only inconvenience, because no bonus was paid for overtime.

Former Obsidian Dev on Cancelled KotOR 3

Jakub Mirowski, 14 April 2019, 16:54

Chris Avellone revealed the ideas his former studio, Obsidian Entertainment, had for Knights of the Old Republic 3. The players missed a pursuit of for Darth Revan and battles with the ancient Sith lords.

CD Projekt RED Hires the Creator of The Witcher Prologue Remastered

Aquma, 05 April 2019, 16:28

In a recent podcast organized by the editorial staff of GameStar, one of the CD Projekt RED developers admitted that it is not rare for the company to hire talented modders.

Cyberpunk 2077 Devs on Video Game Development Process

Aquma, 25 March 2019, 15:37

In a recent podcast, CD Projekt RED developers – Philipp Weber and Miles Tost – have shared their experiences during the work on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Death Stranding Enters "Critical Development Phase"

Aquma, 25 March 2019, 11:17

Hideo Kojima has informed that his upcoming action adventure game Death Stranding is entering a critical development stage. The creator is spending days playing his work on its target platform - the PlayStation 4 console.

Epic Games Reveals Digital Distribution Costs

Adrian Werner, 22 March 2019, 23:29

Epic Games studio CEO revealed the costs of digital distribution. His calculations show that a 12% margin is enough to make big money, and the industry standard 30% is exaggerated.

"We Thought The Witcher 3 Will be a Disaster," Says Dev

Aquma, 21 March 2019, 00:38

Miles Tost – a level designer working on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – has recently admitted during a podcast that there was a moment when the developers thought that their game will be a total flop.

Behind the Scenes of Cyberpunk 2077

Vergil, 08 March 2019, 01:18

After a series of videos dedicated to the beginnings of CD Projekt RED, PlayStation's YouTube channel has published a video that provides the gamers with a look behind the scenes of Cyberpunk 2077's development.

Mortal Kombat 11 Retains Unreal Engine 3

Adrian Werner, 07 March 2019, 14:08

NetherRealm Studios has released a fresh trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, this time focusing on the game's plot. We've also learned that the game will run on Unreal Engine 3, and not its newer, fourth generation.

Horizon Zero Dawn Sold 10 mln Copies and Other Fun Facts

Serek, 01 March 2019, 08:57

Horizon Zero Dawn is two years old today. On the occasion of the anniversary, the developers have boasted that the game sold 10 mln copies. They also shared a number of interesting facts about the game's development.

Apex Legends Boasts Over 1 Million Players

aadamus, 05 February 2019, 14:46

Apex Legends marks a successful launch – the game can boast more than 1 million unique players in less than 8 hours after the official release.

Atomic Heart in development hell, insider source claims

Vergil, 29 January 2019, 16:31

Atomic Heart is going through hell, according to an anonymous inside source, with layoffs and lack of coherent vision becoming major problems.

CD Projekt RED: more than 400 people are working on Cyberpunk 2077

Serek, 28 January 2019, 16:05

If you were worried about Cyberpunk 2077 after having heard that CD Projekt RED’s story designer has left the team, rest assured - everything is fine.

Metroid Prime 4 is being created and supervised by original developers

Entelarmer, 26 January 2019, 10:41

Nintendo company informed about production restart of Metroid Prime 4. The current version of the project was put erased as it did not meet the standards of the Japanese company.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey could have been a spin-off

Frozen, 21 January 2019, 18:16

Graphics provided by the artistic director of the latest part of Assassin's Creed suggest that Ubisoft for some time was considering making Odyssey as an independent title, unrelated to the main series.

Star Citizen - in 2017 production costed $4 million per month

Serek, 21 January 2019, 11:57

It seems that money and Star Citizen are two inseparable topics. Studio Cloud Imperium Games, responsible for production, has published a document in which it reveals some data on financial management.

BioWare has tried to work on KOTOR 3 several times

Ender, 20 January 2019, 13:38

According to Jason Schreier from Kotaku, BioWare has tried many times to start working on the third part of the Star Wars series: Knights of the Old Republic. However, the studio was not lucky, because the project was rejected by the publisher many times.

Steam Spy creator explains how the Epic Games Store gets influencers

Aquma, 16 January 2019, 00:17

Sergey Galyonkin, the director responsible for preparing the Epic Games Store's publishing strategy, presented a lot of information about the backstage of the platform.

Adrian Chmielarz: Witchfire used to be a survival game

Serek, 10 January 2019, 14:25

Adrian Chmielarz, the CEO of the Astronauts, posted some interesting facts about the development of Witchfire.

Diablo 4 may be returning to Diablo 2’s dark atmosphere

Adrian Werner, 22 November 2018, 13:16

We’ve got some interesting reports about the future of the Diablo franchise. Apparently, Blizzard is currently working on a full-fledged Diablo 4 and the game resembles the second installment.

EA isn't taking BioWare over and won't shut the studio down no matter what

Maiman, 25 July 2018, 14:06

Anthem's failure, if it happens, won't be the end of BioWare – studio's former game designer believes. That's because EA considers BioWare an important, long-term investment.

$9,400 – that's what CD Projekt RED paid for the Witcher license

luckie, 31 May 2017, 14:11

It is clear now why Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of The Witcher books, kicks himself for refusing a percentage of The Witcher games sales. He licensed the brand to CD Projekt RED for just about $9,400 back in early 2000s.

$4,000 is all it took to acquire rights to make a Witcher game in the '90s

Michal Manka, 26 May 2017, 10:53

Before CD Projekt Red decided to make their own Witcher game, Metropolis Software gave it a shot on their own. Now we know how much the studio had to pay Andrzej Sapkowski to be able to do that.

Andrzej Sapkowski, the creator of The Witcher universe, didn't believe in success of the games

luckie, 24 March 2017, 18:29

In a recent interview for Eurogamer, Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of the Witcher universe, called himself stupid over not accepting a percentage of the games' profit. That's because he didn't believe the games would achieve any success.

Feargus Urquhart: Black Isle studio worked on Fallout 3 at the end of the ‘90s

Jakub Mirowski, 30 January 2017, 15:14

Feargus Urquhart, co-founder and CEO of Obsidian Entertainment, has reminisced about his time in Black Isle in IGN’s interview. The legendary developer revealed that this team started working on Fallout 3 right after the release of the second installment.

Don’t expect Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord any time soon

luckie, 12 January 2017, 14:56

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord developers took it to the forums to talk about the recent progress of development. Sadly, there is still a lot of work to do before a release date will be discussed.

Evolve devs working on a new IP, a dark fantasy co-op FPS

luckie, 14 December 2016, 11:40

After delivering Evolve and two Left 4 Dead games, Turtle Rock Studios are preparing another co-op FPS. This one is going to be a new, dark fantasy IP.

Cyberpunk 2077 team joined by Quantum Break lead designer and an ex-Rockstar North gameplay producer

luckie, 29 September 2016, 15:48

Quantum Break lead designer and gameplay producer from Rockstar North have joined the Cyberpunk 2077 team. Looks like The Witcher 3 devs are serious about making their next game even more awesome.

CDP RED: More developers are working on Cyberpunk 2077 than have ever been working on The Witcher 3

Maiman, 06 September 2016, 10:52

CD Projekt RED spokesperson has stated that there are currently more people involved in the production of Cyberpunk 2077 than there were in any other game in the developer’s history, including The Witcher 3. There was no more info disclosed.

How The Witcher 3 came to life? – discussion panel with CD Projekt RED

Michal Manka, 03 August 2016, 14:07

The developers from CD Projekt RED talked about how the game came to life, the development process, challenges they encountered and what ultimately didn’t make the final cut.

Godus’ dev team rumored to have lost its lead designer

Meehow, 20 June 2016, 22:46

Godus’ development team at 22Cans is rumored to have lost its lead designer, Konrad “FuriousMoo” Naszynski, and a large part of what remains of the team was transferred to work on The Trail.

Single player campaigns take up to 75% of the overall budget - says Cliff Bleszinski

Adrian Werner, 01 February 2016, 14:38

PC Gamer had a chance to interview Cliff Bleszinski during PAX South and talk about his upcoming game LawBreakers. Apart from that, Bleszinski mentioned that single player campaigns cost a lot of money and that's why new shooters steer cleer of it.

SUPERHOT Celebrates Beta With a New Trailer

Adrian Werner, 03 August 2015, 14:42

The development of the Polish shooter SUPERHOT has entered the beta stage. The developers published a new trailer to commemorate the fact.

New Brothers in Arms Game Still in Early Development.

Draug, 20 July 2015, 14:02

During the Develop: Brighton 2015 conference Randy Pitchford, the head of Gearbox Software, disclosed new information about the fourth installment in the Brothers in Arms series, the one that was announced two years ago.