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News video games 09 February 2024, 05:20

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Head of Ubisoft Defends Skull and Bones, Explains $60/70 Price Tag

Ubisoft's CEO said that the price of Skull and Bones was motivated by the scale of the project. The company's helmsman even coined the term AAAA game for the production.

Source: Ubisoft

The prices of AAA games have been the subject of numerous discussions for at least several years. Players often complain that the price of certain games doesn't match the content offered, and the technical state leaves much to be desired.

Yves Guillemot, the CEO of Ubisoft, chose to rebut these allegations. He believes that the price of the studio's latest game - Skull and Bones - fully corresponds to what this title offers. You have to pay $60 for the standard version of the game (PC) or $70 (consoles). On the other hand, the premium edition, which includes the ability to set sail on the open seas three days before the launch day, is priced at $89.99 (PC) or $99.99 (consoles).

One of the participants in the teleconference raised the issue of the price of the pirate game in relation to Ubisoft's financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2024. He asked Guillemot why the company had set that price and whether it might be more advantageous to employ a free-to-play model that would be a better fit for the game-service elements in Skull and Bones.

The CEO of Ubisoft explained that the price reflects the scale of the game and its potentially long life.

You will see that Skull and Bones is a fully-fledged game. It's a very big game, and we feel that people will really see how vast and complete that game is. It's a really full, triple... quadruple-A game, that will deliver in the long run - he explained (via Insider Gaming).

Does Skull and Bones really deserve to be called a AAAA game? We can partly verify this ourselves, thanks to the ongoing open beta (on PC and consoles). The tests will last until February 12th until 12:00 AM. The first opinions of are very mixed - enthusiasts of continuous progression and loot collection appear pleasantly surprised, while others claim that this game isn't for them. Some have also suggested that the high price will ultimately kill Skull and Bones.

The premiere of Skull and Bones will take place on February 16 (February 13 for those with early access). The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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