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News movies & tv series 13 July 2020, 13:48

author: Karol Laska

Henry Cavill Believes the Witcher is the Perfect Hero for 2020

Henry Cavill, who played Geralt in Netflix's Witcher, believes that his character perfectly captures the charms of life in 2020.

Geralt is the response to coronavirus?

The Witcher from Netflix gained its popularity mainly because ite was a perfect substitute for Game of Thrones. One can't deny it the interestingly constructed world and well-written characters, but television is governed by its own rules and viewers often head towards the mainstream.

Films and TV series can also provide more than just entertainment. They often serve as a slightly distorted reflection of reality and talk about important social problems. In The Witcher, there is a lot of mention of sexual minorities, the subject of xenophobia (mostly based on the example of elves) and general intolerance is also discussed.

Henry Cavill decipheres the series with another key. He focused on Geralt's key character traits to show that his character fits in perfectly with the problems of our times, and is particularly well suited to the series of sensations we experienced in 2020:

"Geralt is a very realistic character, and also unrealistic at the same time. He lives in a world where he feels like he lives completely on the outskirts. He’s completely isolated. And so in the same way that we’ve been going through isolation, lockdown, quarantine, and watching the world from afar go about its business, that’s kind of what he does his entire existence. It’s a tricky one to apply directly to these times because he is so apolitical—but when it comes to feeling isolated and to feeling alone, we can all really appreciate that."

In this case, The Witcher is a reflection of our grey reality if we try to understand Cavill's words. The actor's comment seems sincere and committed, but it's no wonder, because Henry identifies himself with Geralt with all his body and voice, as we wrote here. Work on the second season of the series will resume on August 16 and the production will appear on Netflix in 2021.

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