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News guides 27 February 2024, 03:07

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Honkai Star Rail (HSR) 2.1 Release Date

Version 2.1 of HSR will bring new characters, the continuation of Penacony plot and the Anniversary of the game. Find out the update release date here.

Source: Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse

After being left on a cliffhanger in the latest update of Honkai Star Rail, fans have been counting down days to version 2.1 of HSR. There is more than just the next part of the Penacony story to look forward to; patch 2.1 will bring the long awaited playable characters Acheron, Aventurine and Gallagher, who have already been officially revealed by HoYoverse. Moreover, we may expect the celebration of the 1st Anniversary of HSR. We already know when this exciting update should be released, so read on.

Honkai Star Rail (HSR) 2.1 Release Date

Patches in Honkai Star Rail usually last 6 weeks, but it has been announced that the schedule this time will be different than usual. The current version, 2.0, will last for 7 weeks and end on March 27th. We expect that HSR will go into maintenance at 6:00 UTC+8 to prepare for version 2.1. Keep in mind that depending on the timezone and server on which you play, the exact timing of the update will vary for you, so adjust accordingly.

From observing the schedule of past special programs, we suspect that HoYoverse will unveil the details of the new version around March 15, and the livestream should start at 19:30 UTC+8. Keep in mind that, as speculation, the date is subject to change.

HSR players will have to wait until the 2.1 Special Program to find out all of the new information, but we already have an idea what to expect in version 2.1.

First of all, fans hope for some answers in the next part of the Penacony Trailblaze Mission, which left us with several highly anticipated characters dying off screen. Or did they really? We may not find out yet what exactly is truth and what is falsehood in Penacony’s endless dream, but we’re almost sure to see Acheron, Aventurine and Gallagher show up in gacha as new playable units.

Patch 2.1 is predicted to feature the celebration of the 1st Anniversary of HSR, as well. It has not been announced yet how HoYoverse plans to honor the occasion, but considering the developers reputation for being generous with rewards for the game, players are likely in for a festive treat.

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