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News guides 03 January 2024, 06:22

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Pure Fiction in HSR Explained - Everything We Know

A new game mode is coming to Honkai Star Rail on January 8th. Find out more about Pure Fiction in HSR.

Source: Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse

Pure Fiction is an upcoming game mode in HSR that will seem familiar to fans of the previous game in the series. In essence, Pure Fiction resembles the Abyss in Honkai Impact 3rd, with a Honkai Star Rail twist. It’s also close to the gameplay of a past event in HSR by the name of Legends of Past and Present. If you haven’t played either, or if you’re looking for more details, you will find all you need to know about this new game mode here.

Release and Update Schedule of Pure Fiction

Pure Fiction is scheduled to be added to HSR on January 8th, 2024. From then on, Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos permanent game modes will be updated in rotation every two weeks.

How to Access Pure Fiction in HSR

After Pure Fiction is added to the game and unlocked by talking to Mr. Xiyan in Exalting Sanctum (information via Game8), it will be accessible from the Interastral Peace Guide in the Treasures Lightward tab, together with Forgotten Hall.

Pure Fiction in HSR Explained - Everything We Know - picture #1
Pure Fiction mode shortcut in the menu, Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse

Pure Fiction Gameplay

In the new game mode, players will build teams, choose buffs and face continuous waves of enemies. The points will be awarded according to the damage dealt and the number of enemies defeated. The mobs will keep respawning for the duration of your challenge. Instead of a time limit, present in the Abyss mode in Honkai Impact 3rd, there is a limited number of cycles to get your high scores.

The available buffs will add variety and difficulty to Pure Fiction. The buffs will change when the next phase of the challenge starts. For those familiar with HI3, the mechanic will likely function similarly to the Weather in Abyss, forcing the players to use different teams each time. The hosts during the version 1.6 livestream hinted that considering the current buffs and the lineup of enemies will be crucial to success.

Pure Fiction Rewards

Pure Fiction in HSR Explained - Everything We Know - picture #2
Lynx, Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse

Fully clearing a single phase of the Pure Fiction will award 720 Stellar Jades. What’s more, after beating Stage 2 of the new game mode for the first time, each player will be able to redeem the 4 Star Lynx, a Quantum character following the path of Abundance. Those who already have Lynx will receive her Eidolon.

According to the version 1.6 livestream, clearing all stages of both Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos across one game version will net a total of 2160 Stellar Jades. That means these permanent game modes will be a major source of free to play currency in HSR.

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