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News guides 12 October 2023, 03:05

author: Ewa Ichniowska

How to Beat Strategic Training in Honkai Star Rail (HSR)

Strategic Training are new tutorial missions for Honkai Star Rail, but some of them can be tricky. Check out our guide for tips on how to beat them.

Source: Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse

Strategic Training has been introduced to Honkai Star Rail in version 1.4. It’s a set of missions meant to teach the players about battle mechanics of HSR, divided into three categories. The tutorials can be completed by beginners and advanced players alike, and they offer attractive rewards, such as Stellar Jade. They can be redone as many times as you want, but if you’re struggling, try our tips on how to complete these stages.

How to Beat Base Mechanism Strategic Training in Honkai Star Rail

You’re unlikely to be defeated in any of these stages. Pay attention to the type of damage the challenge is centered around (Skill, Ultimate, Weakness Break) and use Basic Attacks to replenish Skill Points or Skills to refill Energy if needed.

How to Beat Weakness Break & Debuffs Strategic Training in Honkai Star Rail

You can easily complete Weakness Break: DoT and Weakness Break: Control stages by simply attacking with Skills and Ultimates. The last stage, however, is trickier.

Weakness Break: Quantum and Entanglement

Once a mob is under Quantum Entanglement status (the mob is glowing bright blue and knocked over) from Seele or Lynx’s attacks, attack it repeatedly until it has 5 stacks of Entanglement. You can see the number under the name of the enemy on the upper right (marked by the blue square in the screenshot). When there are two Automaton Hounds, focus on one at a time.

How to Beat Strategic Training in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) - picture #1

Entanglement Status on enemy and location of Stacks counter (blue square). Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse

How to Beat Special Mechanism Strategic Training in Honkai Star Rail

Follow-Up Attack

Take note of activation conditions for March 7th’s and Himeko’s Follow-Up attack: make sure one of the characters is always protected with March 7th’s Skill, and inflict Weakness Break, respectively.

Change in Action Order

Do not use Basic Attack at all in this stage. Deal damage using Seele’s skill and then use Bronya’s skill to make Seele take action again. Otherwise, Seele will be knocked out by the next attack from the Automaton Direwolf.

Buff Dispel

Pay attention to which enemy the Vagrant (mob in the middle) is buffing. You have to use Pela's skill to attack the Automaton Hound that is currently buffed by the Vargant, in order to dispell this buff, or she will be knocked out in one hit in the mob’s next action.

How to Beat Strategic Training in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) - picture #2

Vargant buffing an Automaton Hound. Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse

Debuff Dispel

Use Natasha’s and March 7th’s skills to Dispell Frozen on Hook and Serval right away when it is applied.

Interrupt Enemies’ Charged Attacks

Tips: Take note of mobs Weaknesses and which enemy starts charging first. Be careful to attack with the character whose Type matches the Weakness of the mob, and use Skills and Ultimates immediately after they become available.

In this stage, Trailblazer can hit both the Voidranger: Trampler and Stormbringer to inflict Weakness Break. You should prioritize the enemy who is currently charging and choose single-target Ultimate instead of AoE.

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