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News guides 06 October 2023, 14:46

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Collect Traits From Trait Spurs in Hunt Showdown

One of the Challenges you can complete now in Hunt Showdown is Collect Traits From Trait Spurs. In this guide you will learn how to do it.

Source: Hunt Showdown, developer: Crytek

The Tide of Corruption event is currently underway in Hunt: Showdown. If you are anxious to make fast progress in the related Battle Pass, then you need to complete Challenges. One of them is "Collect Traits From Trait Spurs." If you are wondering how to get them, here is the answer.

Collect Traits From Trait Spurs in Hunt Showdown

If you've been playing Hunt Showdown for a long time then the "Collect Traits From Trait Spurs" challenge should be no stranger to you. This is because it is the same task as "Acquire Traits From Charms". Its execution is based on the following activity:

  1. You have to pick up Traits located around the game world. They can lie in various nooks and crannies of the map.. Most often you will encounter them in buildings or their vicinity. They are not particularly hidden, so it will be difficult to miss them.
  2. The second option to get them is to kill Meatheads. The easiest way to achieve this is by blasting these enemies with dynamite or basic ammunition from Bomb Lance. There is a chance that a random Trait will drop, but it is not a guaranteed loot.
  3. You must also remember that Traits associated with pacts do not count towards the quest (those that you pick up from Resupply Point).

This challenge requires you to pick up 3 Traits. If you want to complete it during a single match, then you must arm yourself with explosives and kill every Meathead you encounter.

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