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News guides 09 October 2023, 15:34

author: Agnes Adamus

Self Revive of Necromancer is OP; Hunt Showdown Players Divided

In Hunt: Showdown, lone players can pick themselves up using the Necromancer perk. This causes dissatisfaction among some fans of the game.

Source: Hunt: Showdown, developer: Crytek

Tide of Corruption event is currently underway in Hunt: Showdown. As part of it, additional perks for hunters are available. Some of them allow for recovering of lost health bars. This makes it much easier for solo players to resurrect themselves using the Necromancer trait. This causes dissatisfaction on the part of some fans. In this guide you will find out what is the source of the problem.

Necromancer in Hunt Showdown

In Hunt Showdown, players can purchase Traits. One of them is Necromancer. For a long time, it enabled the player to remotely pick up knocked down comrades at the cost of one's own health. However, in March this year, update 1.12 came out, which added another option - solo players were given the ability to revive on their own.

The decision to introduce this mechanic was met with a rather mixed reception. Some thought it was a good change. Others, however, complained that it was too much of a convenience. When reviving solo, you can easily wait until the opponent moves away. In addition, you do not have a companion who would bear the risk when resurrecting you. With the start of the Tide of Corruption event, the debate on this topic has reemerged.

Hunt Showdown - Self Revive during Tide of Corruption.

The Tide of Corruption event introduced pacts. By joining one of them, you will be able to use Pledge Marks earned during the game to purchase related Traits. In order to do so, however, you must go to a Resupply Point.

For solo players, of particular interest is the Death Pact. This is because it enables you to effectively recover health bars lost as a result of being knocked down. Tokens can be used to purchase Relentless, which enables you to get up without losing a health bar. In addition, you wake up with full health. However, you must keep in mind that it is a Burn Trait and it will be removed after you use it. Of course, you can purchase it several times - up to 3.

In addition, belonging to Death Pact, you can also regain lost health bars using the Vulture perk. During the event, this Trait has an additional effect and causes searching a dead hunter to return one lost bar in exchange for one Pledge Mark.

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