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News guides 15 December 2023, 10:27

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Teleport in Hunt Showdown

Tide of Desolation in Hunt Showdown introduced teleportation mechanics. From this guide you will learn how it works.

Source: Hunt Showdown, developer: Crytek

Two days ago, the Tide of Desolation event was launched in Hunt Showdown. Several new perks are available during its time. One of them – Shadow Leap – allows hunters to teleport. In this guide you will learn how it works.

Pledge Marks in Hunt Showdown Tide of Desolation

As in previous events in Hunt Showdown, you will gain Pledge Marks during Tide of Desolation. You can get a maximum 3 of these in each game. You get from doing the following things:

  1. Looting the first hunter in the match (1 Pledge Mark);
  2. Banishing first Boss in the match (1 Pledge Mark);
  3. Gaining 30 Event Points (1 Pledge Mark).

Hunter can carry a maximum 4 Pledge Marks. Collected points can be spent on perks related to one of the three pacts.

Teleport in Hunt Showdown

If you decide to join the Grounded Pact you will get the Shadow Leap perk. It costs only 1 Pledge Mark and allows you to teleport to your selected opponent in a 50 meter radius. The mechanic of this perk is simple – you must activate Dark Sight and find a white light. When you point the camera at it, a teleportation bar will appear. You will be teleported as soon as the bar fills up. However, the teleportation will cost you HP.

Shadow Leap automatically kills the monster you are transplanting to. However, this does not mean that you are safe.

  1. Teleporting to Concertina Armored causes bleeding to the hunter.
  2. If you teleport to Immolator, it will explode and you will permanently lose a short HP bar.

There is also a bug associated with Shadow Leap. It causes you to be unable to teleport in a match where you have picked up the perk. In the next match, however, the perk will work correctly.

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