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News guides 06 October 2023, 10:23

Hunt Showdown Tide of Corruption Console Release Date Explained

A new event has appeared in Hunt Showdown, introducing many interesting features. In our guide, we explain the release date of the Tide of Corruption event.

Source: Hunt Showdown, developer: Crytek

Hunt: Showdown is an FPP online shooter in which players, taking on the role of a hunter, are tasked with earning a trophy for defeating one of several monsters and then escaping alive from the map. A few days ago, the title received a new event, which introduces some interesting features. Unfortunately, for this moment, it is only available on PC. We explain here Tide of Corruption console release date.

Will Hunt Showdown Tide of Corruption be released on consoles?

Unfortunately, at this point, Tide of Corruption has not appeared on Xbox or Playstation yet, so many fans of the production are not happy about it. On the official profile of Hunt: Showdown on the X/Twitter, it can be noted that the developers do not yet know when the event will land on the live servers on consoles. They claim that they are working hard to make it appear as soon as possible.

The developers of Hunt: Showdown will keep you updated on the latest progress, so if you are waiting for information about the appearance of this event on consoles, we recommend you to follow the game's official profile on the X/Twitter.

What Tide of Corruption event introduces to Hunt Showdown

A new event - Tide of Corruption - arrived on PC on October 4, 2023. Along with it, in addition to the standard bug fixes and balancing, Pacts were added, among others, which allow to use unique Traits. Thanks to them, players will receive new opportunities that will diversify gameplay.

Moreover, Wildcard Condition: Dark Inferno will be introduced. From now on, on night maps, Dark Inferno will activate - this means that some parts of the map will go up in flames. This feature will require players to constantly change their tactics.

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