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How to Use Secret Command in Ready or Not (The Devil)

To unlock achievement The Devil in Ready or Not 1.0 requires you to use a secret command. In our guide we explain how to get it and what it is used for.

Source: Ready or Not, developer: Void Interactive

Ready or Not is a tactical shooter in which players take on the role of one of the members of the legendary SWAT police unit. The main objective during the gameplay is to perform special tasks that require quick, deliberate and carefully prepared actions. To do this, players can give special commands to their AI comrades. In addition to the standard orders, there is one special, which also unlocks the achievement The Devil. Our guide explains how to unlock it and what it does.

What to do to unlock a secret command in Ready or Not 1.0?

First of all, you must separate yourself from the rest of the team, preferably as far away as possible. The next step will be to find a defenseless civilian in a given mission. Your goal will be to kill them intentionally. When this happens, you will be able to select only one special command when using the orders menu. After selecting it, you will receive The Devil achievement.

If you still did not receive a special command and achievement after a civilian death, then apparently the game scored that your execution was not intentional. In that case, handcuff the civilian and only then fire a shot at him.

What is a secret command in Ready or Not 1.0?

If you're wondering what the special command you receive for killing civilians in an intentional manner actually is, we have an answer. It is the "Kill Me" order, which is given to your teammates. All other commands will disappear, only this one remains. When you choose it, exactly what it says will happen; your team will start shooting and trying to kill you.

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