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How to Deal with Loot Bug in Lethal Company

The Loot Bug, also known as the Hoarding Bug, is one of several monsters featured in Lethal Company. Our guide explains how to deal with it.

Source: Lethal Company, developer: Zeekerss

Lethal Company is a cooperative survival horror game with a first-person perspective. In this game, players take on the role of Company workers whose main task is to collect various valuable items. They also have to survive, which will not be an easy task, as industrial facilities have been overrun by monsters. One of them is the Hoarding Bug, which is also called the Loot Bug by fans of this production. In our guide, we explain how to deal with this type of enemy.

What is the Loot Bug in Lethal Company?

The Hoarding Bug, also known as the Loot Bug, is a small sized creature that is generally peaceful to players. It is located inside facilities. It can usually be found in small groups of such monsters. Their main purpose is to collect valuable items and take them to their nest.

These opponents become aggressive only when you decide to take their items away from them. They do not inflict huge damage; however, their strength lies in their numbers and high mobility. They are faster than the player, so running away from them can be difficult.

Can the Hoarding Bugs be killed in Lethal Company?

Yes, these creatures are surprisingly easy to kill. To do this, you need a weapon, which can be a shovel or a stop sign. Usually, three hits will make the Loot Bug die. If you are in a group and want to pick up items near them, it is a good idea to attack them first, as they will become aggressive after stealing their treasures anyway. Focus on a single target to quickly reduce their numerical strength.

How to escape from the Loot Bugs in Lethal Company?

If you failed to kill a Loot Bug, or picked up one of the items in its presence, your only options for escape are to go to the surface at a fast pace or leave any item on the ground.

The first option is risky, worth considering only if you have a lot of health and the distance between you and surface is not too far. The second option is the safest, because then the Loot Bug will focus on the item, take it with it and put it back in a safe place.

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