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How to Find Barracks in Dark and Darker

Finding the location of Barracks in Dark and Darker can cause problems for many players. Fortunately, in our guide we explain where this room is.

Source: Dark and Darker, developer: IRONMACE

You are probably familiar with the game Dark and Darker, which at some point was very popular on Steam, however it disappeared due to legal problems. The title has recently returned to Valve’s platform. Of course, DaD was not abandoned this whole time, and developers added a lot of content, for example, missions from Merchants. One of them requires locating the Barracks. In our guide you will find out where you can find it.

Dark and Darker – How to Find Barracks

Discovering Barracks can cause a lot of problems. Its arrangement on the map is quite specific. If you are looking for it, you are not the first. Fans have already discovered what they look like. Search for an elongated room and a zigzagging corridor. This is better seen on Reddit, where one user showed a screenshot of this location.

In general, they are found in Crypt, however, you will not find them on every map variant. Maps from the Spells and Guns fan group can be helpful, thanks to them you will find not only barracks, but also many other interesting places and enemies. Below is a list of map variants that contain barracks:

  1. Crypt 03 N – this is located in the lower left side of the map.
  2. Crypt 05 N – you will find the barracks in the lower right side of the map.
  3. Crypt 06 N – in this variant, the barracks is located in the upper right side of the map.

Remember that the Barracks is a place where you can find a Skeleton Champion, one of the minibosses. So, be prepared for a tough fight.

Dawid Lubczynski

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