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News guides 26 June 2024, 06:16

author: Agnes Adamus

Where to Find Waiting Room in Dark and Darker (DaD)

In Dark and Darker you can complete missions for NPCs. One of them requires you to locate Waiting Room. From this guide you will learn how to find it.

Source: Dark and Darker, developer: IRONMACE

Dark and Darker has come a long way. Finally, after many problems, the game is back on Steam for good. So, the players can explore the undergrounds, fight with enemies and gather loot. Some of the rooms in the game, however, are hard to locate. From this guide you will learn where to find Waiting Room.

Where to Find Waiting Room in Dark and Darker?

Waiting Room is important when you do a mission for Woodsman called Absolutely Batty. Its objective is to explore the room and survive the entire run. On the face of it, this may look like a simple task. However, it is not true.

Unfortunately, getting to the Waiting Room will require you to follow a few steps (and luck). This room can only be found in Inferno, which is the deepest level of the Forgotten Castle. You can reach it by using the portal from the The Howling Crypts.

  1. As I mentioned, if you reach Inferno, you still need luck. The game includes three different variants for this floor, but only one of them has a Waiting Room. In the YT video made by Nox_proxY you can see the layout in which you will find this room. This means that in order to complete the quest from Woodsman you may have to travel to this floor several times.
  2. Inferno itself, on the other hand, is a very difficult floor. There you will find many powerful monsters, mini-bosses and bosses. Additionally, some of them only appear in this place.

So, completing the mission will be quite difficult. You need to be well prepared for a trip to Inferno.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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