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News guides 27 June 2024, 08:12

author: Agnes Adamus

Where to Find Four Rooms in Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker you can complete missions for NPCs. Some of them require you to visit specific locations like Four Rooms. From this guide you will learn how to locate this place.

Source: Dark and Darker, developer: IRONMACE

After many problems, Dark and Darker has come back on Steam for good (at least it seems so). So, the players can play the game without difficulties. Alone or with friends you can explore the undergrounds, fight with enemies and gather loot. In addition, you can also complete quests, some of which require you to visit specific locations. From this guide you will learn how to locate Four Rooms.

Where to Find Four Rooms in Dark and Darker?

In Dark and Darker, you will interact with NPCs, who give you quests. One of these characters is Surgeon. At a certain point, he will give you a mission called Doctor's Orders, which objective is to explore the Four Rooms and survive the entire run.

As in the case of the Waiting Room, getting to Four Rooms will require some luck. This is because it does not always appear on the map. However, compared to the aforementioned room, it’s still easier. You are looking for a map tile with four squares in it.

  1. Four Rooms appear in Forgotten Castle map – precisely at the level called Crypt. There are four maps in total which include this room. Your best bet is to look around the center of the map. In the YT video made by Nox_proxY you can see the correct layout.
  2. Some of the players report also that the newly added Ice Abyss map also has a Four Rooms location. According to the fans, you should look for it in the right side of the map, in the room with elevators. You can get into this new area after surviving in the regular Ice Cavern until 2 minutes or less and jumping into the reddish abyss.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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