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Where to Find Blood Platforms in Dark and Darker (DaD)

Navigating through the dungeons in Dark and Darker is undoubtfully challenging. If you are looking for Blood Platforms, here you will find some hints.

Source: Dark and Darker, Developer: IRONMACE

The story of Dark and Darker’s development is probably as interesting as the game itself. What innocently started with alpha tests, quickly became a Steam’s Next Fest hit that was targeted by hackers. This was only the beginning of the turbulent history of IRONMACE’s production. Not long after, the developers were raided by police. When DaD was eventually taken out from Steam, the creators issued refunds, which were refused by many fans. This only showed how regarded by players this title is. Their devotion paid off – it was eventually re-released on Steam in, sadly, not ideal state. The free-to-play model of this game encouraged many to try it out. Some new fans are puzzled by various missions. With the game being all but easy and straightforward, a lot of them wonder where they can find Blood Platforms. Hearing their call, we have prepared this article answering the question.

Finding Blood Platforms in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker offers several variants of maps. Due to that, finding your way in this dungeon crawler can pose a challenge. If you are looking for Blood Platforms, keep that information in mind, as it may be in slightly different locations for each version of the underground or sometimes does not appear at all. The place itself, however, can be found in one of the hardest areas of the game, Inferno, so be careful. You can get there via red portal from Howling Crypts. The platforms are usually situated in the south-west corner of the map.

The room you are looking for has a Resurrection Shrine in the focal point of the place. Additionally, you can find Shrine of Protection there. Occasionally, the Blood Platforms chamber spawns Escape Portal, too. If you still have difficulties finding it, there is a video clip on Twitch created by user SoBadStrange showing what this place looks like.

As you can see, it is definitely hard to navigate through the dungeons of Dark and Darker. Many players often look their way to Old Tomb, too. That’s why it is a great idea to bring your friends to help you out with the exploration. Since the game is f2p now, it is easier to gather the team. You can also invest in Legendary Status that will open more possibilities for you. Unfortunately, DaD is currently available only on PC, yet it will appear on mobiles soon and there are some chances that it will eventually find its way to consoles, making it more accessible for a larger number of fans.

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