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News guides 26 June 2024, 02:26

Where to Find Gold Ore in Dark and Darker (DaD)

If you cannot find gold ore in Dark and Darker anymore, there might have been a change to the game that puts it in a diffrent location. Here you will learn exactly where to get it.

Source: Dark and Darker, Developer: Ironmace

After a long and bumpy road preceded by many tests, Dark and Darker made its way back to Steam. The game is currently free-to-play (with an optional Legendary Status to buy) in the Early Access stage of development. Due to that fact alone, there are many changes and adjustments that the creators make to properly balance the title. As those happen, some quests and their objectives might be altered, like in case of “The Secrets of Gold” that was seemingly only slightly modified, yet makes this task go in a different direction. If you are curious where to find gold ore, you’re in the right place!

Gold ore location in Dark and Darker

No matter if you need gold ore for the quest or for other purposes, finding it can be quite challenging. This item was previously available in Inferno; however, it seems like it was moved. There are many changes recently in Dark and Darker, for example in the fresh patch notes, we can see that “The Secrets of Gold” quest requires now 2 gold ingots instead of 6 gold ores. There are definitely a lot more adjustments to come, so be prepared.

In order to get the ore now, it is required to defeat cyclops and troll bosses in the Goblin Caves. After dealing with those foes, stroll down through the second door after the marvelous chest. You will find several gold nodes there that will allow you to mine the desired ore.

It is worth noting that if you want to have only “The Secrets of Gold” quest completed, it should be sufficient to simply buy gold ingots.

This material is needed not only to complete the task for Weaponsmith but can also be used for crafting many interesting items. The ingots don’t drop in the world on their own (at least for now) – they have to be smelted by using gold ores.

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