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News guides 06 October 2023, 12:00

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Find Toy Maker Phthah in New World

In this guide you will learn where to find Toy Maker Phthah in the New World. We also wrote a few words about The Mechanic Musket.

Source: New World, developer: Amazon Games

New World is a popular MMORPG in which you create your character, traverse vast lands, fight enemies, level up and, of course, collect a variety of equipment. Some weapons and armor can be acquired after defeating specific opponents. An example is The Mechanic Musket, which can be obtained by defeating a certain enemy. In this guide you will learn where to find Toy Maker Phthah in New World.

Where to find Toy Maker Phthah in New World

How to Find Toy Maker Phthah in New World - picture #1
Source: New World

Toy Maker Phthah is a challenging opponent that you will find by going to Elysian Wilds, then to Eldest Saircor and from there to Saircor Orrery. You will then reach the ruins, at the center of which stands a fountain surrounded by a blue glow. Not far from it you will find a fallen column, after which it is possible to climb to a higher level. Then approach the steps and descend the small circular platforms, being careful not to fall. At the end of them you will find Toy Maker Phthah.

Toy Maker Phthah and The Mechanic Musket in New World

Toy Maker Phthah is one of the Ancients in the game. Many players fight him to get into possession of valuable items, such as a musket called The Mechanic. It is a Tier V artifact that deals 700 damage and offers bonuses to players using Traps and Sticky Bombs. Examples include Extra Levers reducing the cooldown for using Traps and Bombs by 20% or Accelerating Traps, which increases movement speed by 33% for 5 seconds after using Traps and Bombs.

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